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Blood Sacrifice at the Aurora, the Olympics and 007

Blood Sacrifice at Aurora, the London Olympics and 007 

Someone just sent me this vid and I am posting it here for comments.  Thankse London Olympics and 007

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Comment by Daniel Won on August 1, 2012 at 10:14pm

I have been following this and keeping my own score on things since it basically happened, as I had been into the 2012 Olympic material for some time.

I would definitely agree this is some sort of what usually is termed a 'blood sacrifice' as part of a ritual.  Before watching this video I had already been aware that Aurora was situated with access to a ley line path which linked to the Olympics, however the insight on the Obelisks is definitely very interesting.  It is definitely a belief of mine that the obelisks around the world are mass ley line directors and 'energy' centers.  The entire world is a magnetic, electromagnetic planet, so I don't find these concepts hard to grasp ( having a background in electrical work ).

I think also there are numerous connections to mention and this video is nothing less than a worthy contribution to those researching these things, thank you for sharing this.

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