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Boehme to Leary - the octave of evolution

Awakening/illumination may be seen in a candle that is lighted. The properties lie in one another in the candle, and none of them is more manifested than another, till the candle be lighted; and then we find fire, oil, light, air, and water from the air: all the four elements become manifest in it, which lay hidden before in one only ground.  Boehme on the 7th or unifying principal.  

That there is a common transition point from Terrestrial physicality to a cosmic union seems inherent in many of the minds that have studied/taught human evolution and consciousness through the ages.

Boehme's 7 characteristics fit nicely with the work of Leary...

Circuit I infant bio-survival
uni-cellular life
Circuit II "toddler" emotional
politics (ego)
vertebrate life,
territoriality, hierarchy
Circuit III student Mind hominid languages and
Circuit IV post-pubescent
urbanized civilization
Circuit V neurosomatic rapture free-fall (extraterrestrial migration)
Circuit VI neuroelectric
Intelligence squared
Circuit VII neurogenetic consciousness immortality

Gurdjieff vibration numbers and the levels of consciousness, as named by Gurdjieff, fit the table as follows:

384 Movement center Circuit I Invertebrate reality
192 False emotional center Circuit II Mammalian reality
96 False intellectual center Circuit III Paleolithic reality
48 False personality Circuit IV Civilized reality
24 Magnetic Center Circuit V Hedonic reality
12 True Emotional center Circuit VI Psionic reality
6 True Intellectual center Circuit VII Immortal reality

In the eight fold system "circuit VIII" is cosmic union...clairvoyance :-)  History has supplied personalities that excelled in modern consciousness and formed the Cosmic union.  Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, Da Vinci, etc etc...  If the higher circuits have been appearing (partially and in rare mutants) for a few thousand years this is because the DNA blueprint is gradually modifying us for future evolution. 

Evolve yourself!~


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