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                Brain Function & Emotions

                  In the limbic system of the brain are stored emotional responses. A feeling which is emotional and nonverbal may reside in the limbic system. In the neocortex of the brain are stored our decisions about what is right or what is wrong, what works or doesn’t work. These decisions have emotional values and connections which are found in the limbic system. 


                                            Emotional intelligence is stored in the brain.It involves and interacts with the wholebrain function

personality and our four lower bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. How we become a person that we are in this moment?

              It depends on the interaction of three influences: heredity, learning 

heredity                                                               and changes by external forces.

From our biological parents we inherit certain characteristics and tendencies.emotions It occurs through the genetic process. Some of that characteristic is totally determined and some is partially influenced.

The emotional intelligence from parents is passed on the childchromosomes by chromosomes. All children are born with emotional intelligence tendencies. These emotional tendencies appear to reside in the limbic system. Actually, they are not caused by direct experience. The same basic human needs are inherited by all of us.

Abraham Maslow has identified five basic human needs. The first one is need for food,food water security                                                              water and air. 

The second one is need for safety, a stable structure and environment which is predictable. 

The third one is need to belong, to love and to be loved. 

The fourth one is need for respect and to feel self-esteemed.

At the end, the fifth one is need to reach the full potentials, capacities and talents.

                              We can develop our emotional intelligence as we find ways to cope with environmental challenges. Finally, these needs motivate us to develop our personality. We can constantly striving to behave in ways that we believe will meet these needs.

                           From the day we are born, we start our life with our inherited predispositions and human needs. Through our life experiences are developed our beliefs and opinions about that how to meet our needs. On these experiences we draw conclusions about what we are like.

                                      Children who are punished for emotional expressioncrying child tend to inhibit this expression. Children of nurturing parents, tend to become more nurturing. Children who are neglected all the time and who are not rewarded, tend to have less motivation and they are less social.

Children who are criticized, tend to think about self as a worthless person. Children who are mistreated, tend to take care of themselves because no one will. Children who are abused, tend to revenge. Children who are physically or emotionally hurt, tend to act with anger and hostility.

Our emotions can harm our physical organs:emotions are harming you

  • --Anger can harm our liver; (energy of tree)
  • --Grief can harm our lungs; (energy of metal)
  • --Worry can harm our stomach; (energy of earth)
  • --Stress can harm our heart; (energy of fire)
  • --Fear can harm our kidneys. (energy of water)
  • --Anxiety may cause stomach ulcers, twitches, shaking, cold feet and hands or diarrhea. Strong emotional crises damage the brain.


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Comment by Seagypsy on July 6, 2013 at 12:29pm

great post - thanks, Adam.

Comment by Being on July 3, 2013 at 9:41pm

The fifth one is what the Seekers here are going for.

Comment by Moonchild on June 30, 2013 at 7:01pm

Just.....thank you.

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