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Breathe In, Pause, No Breathe, No Thought Part 1?

Part 1 and part 2 were written on the same night. First part 1, in my normal logic/comparative tone. Then part 2 was written based on part 1, but in an attempt to express the same thoughts in a more allegorical/somewhat poetic tone.
Perspective and association. Look at both posts side by side. See if you can make any correlations. Cheers!

I'm taking a break from blogging. I need some silence to reflect and put together some of these elements that have presented themselves to me.

I want something more holistic and complete rather than just glazing over thoughts I have.

I want to "flesh" these thoughts out more.
I want to see more perspectives and associations.
I want to consider more practical applications and really focus on the "as within, so without" concept.
Also I want approach these things from both a rational perspective, but also incorporate more of the emotive/artistic form of expression.

I want to level up my writing and sharing, so that its less of a single topic, but approach the piece as a component that exists in a larger landscape.

Rather than replicate the sources of information that have stuck with me, I would like to present a fuller narrative that hopefully helps the reader make connections as well rather than just providing another deluge of discrete pockets of information.

Hmm, perhaps bring some myth and storytelling back into the fold...

I think sometimes my overall tone sounds to "sermon like" to me.
I feel like that needs to change/develop.
Transformation! Ha, ha! (Yes I physically laughed when I typed that)
I seek a more balanced and complete being.
Shouldn't my writing reflect that as well?

Two questions that I will leave you with.
If we are moving into a new zodiacal age, a new state of collective consciousness, wouldn't it be prudent to consider that stream of cosmic weather when attempting to interpret the teachings of old?
If historic context is necessary to unravel the coded secrets of ancient occult writings, why not also consider the present circumstances of the reader?
At some point a new/authentic esoteric movement should occur.
One that runs deeper and wider than others before it.

If this authentic, new movement is upon us, wouldn't it also be prudent to calibrate the best instrument available to use for both investigation and realization.
And maybe this when we consider that both the instrument and the signal in this noise of change are both YOU.

The Individual Is Paramount
As Within So Without

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