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"Buddha" is posted at my home page now. With a bit of manual work clicking the player you can hear it; the option for having it on when you get to the page sagely decided to replace itself with a two-step process for getting the song to play at all. It's from the same session as "the Ballad of the Art School Grad" over in Personal Projects and Creations, same players, same memories. This mix is the original dry version; the echo added to this track on Genital Soul - the SaveLove 20th century indie CD - muddied rather than enhanced. Back in its day the case was decorated with a couple of drawings of the Buddha by Gene Colan, the Marvel/DC comic book artist. The internet was only just flexing it muscles then, but thanks to friends carrying tangible product, the tune made it to Tibetan monasteries as well as regional radio. Enjoy!

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