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Building the LIGHT BODY, which is the IMMORTAL BODY

The Light Body, is outside time and space, on the Ethereal or Cosmic Plane.

If the sexual impulse, is stronger, than the will, then an orgasm, has to be initiated, to neutralise it.

When the Sexual Impulse, is stronger than the will, if it is not neutralized, with an orgasm, then it will become Lust.

If the Sexual Impulse, is weaker than the will, then it must be resisted, and orgasm must not be initiated.

When an orgasm is initiated, the Lust-Love Switch (Orgasm Nature), must be set to 'Love', specifically physical union with, or contemplation of, the Twin Flame, through total empathy, which is absolute Love.

When the Sexual Impulse occurs, and one cannot discern, whether it is stronger or weaker, than the will, then attempt to initiate orgasm. But if one cannot induce a full orgasm, within a few seconds, that means the Sexual Impulse is weaker than the will, and the orgasm mechanism, must be instantly stopped.

The Lust-Love Switch (Orgasm Nature), can only be set to 'Love', when the Sexual Impulse is stronger than the Will.

If one initiates Orgasm, when the Sexual Impulse is weaker than the Will, these orgasms, are always Lustful.

Lust Orgasm, burns up and destroys, the Light Body. And Love Orgasm, specifically as total empathy, with the feelings of one's Twin Flame, builds the Light Body.

In Western Alchemy, the Light Body, is the 'Philosopher's Stone', it is the 'Elixir of Immortality', and it is also called, 'The Philosopher's Child'.

The Light body, is different, to the Astral Body, the Subtle Body, and the Physical Body. It is only in the Light Body, that a human being, can survive the death, of the Physical Body.

It is only the Light Body, that is immortal. The other spiritual bodies, the Astral Body, and Subtle Bodies, are not immortal.

Mastery, of the Sexual Impulse, and the Orgasm, cannot be achieved in youth. A person, can only begin to master, these aspects of their sexual faculty, when they are over forty years of age.

Below the age of forty, a person's Sexual Faculty, has not yet become a tool of Free Will, and orgasms are totally involuntary.

A person, cannot become a completely successful Adept, of Esoteric or Spiritual, European and Western Alchemy, until they are about fifty years of age.

But it also takes 20 to 30 years of practice, to become an Adept.

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