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On butterfly wings I flew to my ancestor’s home.

To where my blood flows, to where no fear grows.

I flew to my soul’s birth lands to the roots of my heart.

It’s there, where true love flourished.

Where my father was born, where his father was born

And his father’s father long long time ago.


On butterfly wings I saw who I used to be.

Who I was before my soul broke, before my trust vanished.

A new sun was born from those ashes, shining like never before.

More beautiful than any other I have ever seen it arose behind above clouds.


Now I fly above the winds of change, those butterfly wings are my own.

I laugh at the path below because I understood my soul.

Hear my call now mother, I am home again.

You called and I answered, I am here mother coming for you.

Healing you offered many times again, I denied each one with pride.


As a butterfly of the sun I answer you now, please forgive me.

You the mother of all humanity, the heart of hearts and the eye of eyes

The mountain that rises high above and the sea that reaches down below.

I am here now to touch the ground I was made of and to kiss the sky that I came from.


I am home mother, may your will be done.

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