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When there is no purpose there is only ego. The ego being a long chain that both wraps around you and trails along, very easy to reach and pull on.

Separation. I consider that if you have pulled away from purpose its ego that fills the gap. Like water.
Every corner of society produces separation. There is nothing that you own.
Your house, debt. Your job, debt. Your mask (ego, payment to play the part in the movie), debt.
The characters you type on you on twitter account, debt.
The earth is flat now. No more mountains to climb, no more new colors to see. No new sounds to hear.
No new mythologies to be created. Drowning in this contaminated water.
No fire, only blind acceptance and safety through the herd.
Have you been "red pilled"? Have you been "enlightened"? 
These are words that produce concepts in the mind you have been trained to accept. Its the "new thing!"
More links in the chain. 
The longer the chain, the more space people can grab onto it and slap it around.

And you happen to be on the end of that chain...

The individual is paramount.
As within, so without.

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Comment by Chris Kelley on July 8, 2018 at 12:11am


To stop paying debt own the circumstance at hand. You do not follow, you lead. Do not be "possessed".

To shorten the chain, define your purpose. And then execute the plan, like you have something to do before dying.
To escape zombies, become aware of distraction and separation from purpose and the pursuit of purpose. Aim for the head, there's only cobwebs in there anyways.

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