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Ha, ha. Nope.  The intent is reflected in the word.

It's crazy thing to consider the subtle, but at the same time a necessary act.
Once that which is presented has been accepted, and this presents no further clarity, then a new viewpoint is necessary.
But clarity is not what is fruitful. Curiosity is that which provides.

On a societal level of behavior I see malefic female energy. That of unconscious acceptance.
The other side I also see misdirected male energy of nationalist, subservience.

Now considering the environment, that of Aquarius, understand the simple correspondence that of air.

See this now in the rise of social media, and of course all of the associations in regards to "companies" like google and facebook and the "trade" that they deal in now (information).

Changes will accelerate now. At many levels, as the wind blows.
This is neither good, nor bad.
But as this accelerates, there is a choice. As always.

The collective consciousness of subtle energy is changing, the individual consciousness will not be experienced with this change.

I think that you can see this on a societal level of people "unplugging" from the routine of acceptable life.
Take the Western American thoughtform of commercialism and consumerism. Beyond angry environmentalists, people now consider tiny houses, organic farming, etc.

Quite the change in perspective, and this appears to me to be and underlying theme across the world.
Consider Brexit and the turmoil in South America, the rebellion of the people in Spain.
These debates and legal proceedings regarding personal information and the aforementioned "companies".

Undoubtfully this interactions affect us, this is the environment.
It's easy to assume that they don't, but the word assume stands for "ass-u-me"
See the connection there?

Am I right or wrong in these observations, I don't know. Frankly I don't care.
This is my perspective. Hopefully you have a better one.
Just look. I trust you.

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