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Good topic here. Allow me to share my perspective on this.
It would seem to me that the word individual can be interpreted at different levels.
Such is all things apparently.

So first there is the individual, I AM! But what is this really?
There is an emotional element in this declaration, which is fine, but if that's all it is, then that's all it will be.
It's a response to perceptions of external events triggering an internal process.

I went through this process in my teenage years for so long, and there's whispers of it that remain today.
I defined myself by embodying the opposite of what I detested through limited perception at the time.

Now consider this process outside of that period of life.
If the environment is constantly directing internal thought/emotion patterns, then we are a leaf in the wind.
Also consider that these experiences and external interactions are meaningless, but they are to be brought into awareness.
Understood, made conscious.

This is where I think the Magician's Circle starts.
And this doesn't have to be some elaborate ritual, I will say that the scenario occurs in life, in general.

If you break it down to the basics, there are elements of existence to know and use.
You learn these tools of existence through interaction and experience.

The Line of the Magician's Circle is built on this experience, and that line represents the point, the edge of the blade, the Holy balance in nature. The ability to use the tool and not be consumed or cut by it.

This possibility of exaggeration, imbalance, or polarization will always exist. It's fundamental via Hermetic Law.
But also, these extremes allow for the point to exist.
Which is where I would like to think the Magician, the Magus seeks to stand.

When King Arthur places both hands on the Sword (left hand receiving, right hand producing), the true will (the Sword released from the stone). With that release, comes the uncomfortable.

This imbalance is necessary. To wield the sword, is to become aware of the extremes and experience them, to become tempered by those experiences to bring true awareness.

That awareness is simple, know where you stand and place YOUR foot on the next step.
Now we have no need of the noise of the external world, rather we will use what is given to sharpen the blade and make our hands more steady.

Through this, eventually there will be no blade, nor enemy. Because the Sword will eventually turn to dust, as will the enemy.
But the experience, the Work will remain. The Hero. Sing!

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Comment by Chris Kelley on April 12, 2019 at 10:07pm

If you have ever seen the King Arthur movie by Guy Ritchie, the bad guy is enveloped by fear and guilt. Chained to the darkness he shelters in his castle. The Hero in contrast comes to accept his birth right, with some obstacles in the way, but ultimately clarity is gained. 

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