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Common sense and Depth: Beyond absolute Knowledge

Health is relational,

in orientation of body/will-ingness/activity,

and in the deeper relations of kinship,

Oversoul (oversoul as ‘astral’ <men/emo> link w ((cellular/society/ecology/anima-l/cosm)

or essence of spirit (the unmoved:

((relative to perception of oversoul;

((w ones election building from this foundation)

The practice may be simple,

even as lunge/walking <power walking>

while going up a hill


the statement <health is relational>

is deep beyond my recognition

(1 cannot hold it as absolute <each scale and facet shifts logos> though it is solid in utility)

though obvious to personal understanding (the physical/immediate application)

it is deep/oceanic

Health is the ide <or log>

it is general and contains pre-conditioned ideas (logo)

Relational Can be a catalyst (it depends on the focus’s one held)

what causes redefinition or refinement,

that is the bank of experiential understanding

To break health down,

moving closer to its primal <origin> material,

one might say: honoring duty to relationship (relation of on to ones body or oversoul)

another one might say: caring respect of relationships

Experience is personal,

the way is personal;

the reformation is not controlled,

it depends on aware experience

but it relies on no word (the perceptual reality breaks with accumulation and reorganization)

This has also been a minor experiment, in the idea of tiered/rhythmic writing

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