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Greetings Seekers!

I hope everyone is having a great spring-time thus far, and has been able to move out some of the old to make way for the new in traditional means.

We've really been trying to remain patient and hope things come together to help keep Esoteric Online, strong, and growing in as many ways possible, however it's come to a time where we need to once again reach out for the community's assistance is making all this possible.

We are behind on payments with just about everything that we could be, and several things are in jeopardy, including the library. I know the library has been down because our server that runs it has not been paid for, but we can only go for long long like that before these resources begin to be deleted - we cannot let that happen and are several months behind on this now! We also owe Ning itself which runs our entire network, if we cannot get that paid in a matter of just days, we could be at risk of losing the community.

We need YOUR help, we need donations - very badly. In order to get things back paid up, get the library back up for all of you, and once again begin doing things like Esoteric Theater and hopefully some fun, new things as we've done before. As some of you know, in the past I have began work on Esoteric Online version 2.0, and if we can get enough donations coming in, I vow to continue its development and get us off the Ning platform once and for all, so we can all do some really cool things and not have down-times like recently.

I know it's a rough time for many of us, but if any of you in our massive membership numbers can help, we REALLY need you now. It's been only 2 or 3 people mainly keeping things alive, and we really need many more to begin helping the community. Currently we have $1.67 in our account for the past week or so, let all work together to see how high we can get this quickly, get into safe waters, and begin to do some really cool things this summer. You've put your faith in me and we've been here since April 2009, now I'm putting my faith fully in all of you to make this happen - Let's do this! - So Mote it Be!

Donations can be made from the Community Operations page, on the homepage on top-right hand side, and directly from the link located here.

In The Work,


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Comment by ☤Tris☤ on June 5, 2016 at 6:25pm

Thanks Daniel - I know that many do wish to help and can't, which I completely understand - luckily enough people that care about the community came together and we made it happen. Thanks for your comment and letting us know you care brother, it means more than many people think simply to reach out and let us know you care about the situation - have a great one.

Comment by Daniel X on June 1, 2016 at 5:33pm

All my money is tide up, I wish I had a visa to help you out, I hope things work out

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