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Conquering the enormous gravitational power of the earth.

 "This is true when you jump too, but only for a short time because your willpower is only greater than the earth's gravitational pull for a short time. So you see time consumes your will power transformed into physical power. Time does that! And space? Thus you see that your power is consumed by two great factors: time and space. If you could amplify your will power and store it within your body, you could conquer the earth's gravitational pull for a longer time and remain at a great distance from the earth. You could glide through the air! You can't do that now because you haven't yet developed consciousness on this divine plane." - The Initiation by Elisabeth Haich

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Comment by Dorian Gray on June 22, 2017 at 5:49am

Before one can overcome gravity, they'd need to know what it is! UFO tech works, so someone knows. However, the misunderstanding most people operate under is that to overcome gravity requires some sort of anti-gravity. This is not true and in fact, in order to understand HOW to do this, one needs first to understand that gravity is NOT an attractive force (PULL), but a PUSH.

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