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Considerations for the Retrogade Chaos and New Moon's astronomical shift.

After all the havoc the planetary retrogades in our solar system have caused. We can look forward to this weekends New Moon in Leo with Mercury and Sun in Leo following in conjunction.

So what does this mean?. It means it is time to work on your confidence and Willpower. To read some interesting pieces of literature and engage with your poetic self. To examine your financial strategies and recognize with gratitude your ample success. To acknowledge the triumpths that have manifested before you in the past. To analyze any potential life changing decisions in need of consideration. And, Which, through the course of action will place you in the finacial position you desire.

Now is the time to elevate yourself to set personal boundaries and rules. To set boundaries and rules on your realtionships and for common people. If you are to perform any magikal works. Perform to enhance your beauty, your communication skills and your wisdom.

Never forget to honor your ancestors. The ancient natives of all continents who arrived long before you. And laid the fundamental groundwork for this magnificent human experience to be possible.

May your works be frutiful.

~ Miccaletto 

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