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A man rebels against the despot’s power, he has the man’s wife brought before him -along with plentiful witnesses- he then has her casually beaten for a time -only playing at the idea of rape- then he has the man -strong and willful- raped multiple times, making him weak and powerless, before those he himself is meant to protect, creating a multiple failure and hemorrhaging the psyche, control.


One may control through terror and dominance -this is fact and not fancy- this control is untenable ultimately, though this fact is often ignored, in the face of temporary/relative power.


The armies of WWI and also of WWII -in many cases- were accused of incompetent leadership, failure that resulted in the pointless death of countless soldiers, one might ask if this failure is rather intrinsic (shown in the present shift to smaller units, along with the success of relatively small pockets -as in both Russian and American middle east invasions- forces that are more significantly self-directed, does a powerful military possess integral leadership?


Besides the presence of redundant leadership, preventing decapitation of the military, responsibility is spread and each group gains flexibility -as recognized in the current integration of leadership- the true core leadership creates the integrity of diffusion -that is to say- the full difference between stations (the commander of a regiment may set overall focus -their primary facility is creating the form- the battalion commander selects their own focus, in line with the higher but capable of rejecting any aspect) the integral leadership is shown in the human.


In one’s own form, the self that I am -what does it control?- it does not control lower function, but by placing the form -as one may affect bowel movements- the action of each aspect is only determined, by its relative placement -not only physically but in the mind- the intelligence of the body must become innate -in order to create effective utilization- just as the intelligence of the greater form.


If one is in sudden situations (every battle is precisely the sudden situation, against the backdrop of time, preparation/civil service/movement) one spins to avoid something, or they throw out the arms to soften a fall, or they halt in an action they are unsure of (without the election of integral leadership, there is no gut instinct -within an army- limitation sharpens the generals ability) absolute choice dulls the ability to act effectively -shown by Hollywood!- only focus is required, that includes understanding of one-self, for one must know themselves.


This integral leadership is courage (for courage is in taking action, even if one may not always be prepared, then meeting the moment head on) this courage is part of honor, for the self above and below, when one must be fundamentally responsible for their action, this becomes a core of peace -none may hide behind order- while it gives power to focus, one becomes personally connected to that which they elect (in a high stakes million dollar poker tourney -it is not ability that determines- resolve determines as one must act under escalating pressure -application of stagnation/aggression/misdirection/consolidation- if resolve falters each choice becomes increasingly disharmonious) may power develop through diversity in election?


A series: To me, power is centralized; power is centralized, to me; power is centralized I’mo.


Taken from reading Anthony Robbins, to develop the written language (reason must be diverse, there is no control -as singular and forced- safely well defined) the writing being highly defined by advances, tight and presentable, designed to maintain attention, delivering information with emphasis.


The hyphen and the acronym, these are shown in the primitive form -I’m/don’t- how does one communicate -massively dynamic/complex data- within a single page?


Modern use of the acronym, this remains haphazard -or highly specialized as in fields of science- what are generalized meanings -partially dependent on context- allowing for the depth of meaning in each letter, intrinsic to the language and understood shortly into childhood (the only purpose of standardization, is in effective communication, but what is the use of hyphens in creating the context?) if you are trying to generate a language, one must work within limitation, to sharpen the focus.


Then one may consider each letter -I as internal/self/core- as the letters become deep, possibly utilizing a tool like Timothy Ferris ‘list of words to learn a language -O/E or U might be seen as the external- one may shift words while maintaining significant familiarity -external/outernal simplify to outer alone or others?- the form must just shift, how does one shift a city?


The core question however, this is how does one shift themselves -to become the transcend?- if nothing else, this will become a good core for a fully realized fantasy, set in the style of Tolkien, as a representation of northern European heritage (it is granted a small effort, relative to the efforts of those, more industrious in their effects) an attempt to redefine the European mythology, the depth of pagan religion -TBH I don’t really care for Wicca either!- for much is forgotten.


People say that there is little to European heritage, instead looking to Hinduism/Taoism/Judaism/shamanism, to find a true spiritual heritage, the common sense of European heritage, this extends out two millennia in the cooking and crafts tradition, it extends through minds that reached a pinnacle, they could only imagine the frontier (still these figures laid the ground -they are European and North American heritage- from Jung/Kierkegaard/Nietzsche/Bacon -extending through either or both infinity and eternity- they are the infinite giants and the eternal Vanir) here lay the root of European thought and religion, those who undertake a task few have inclination to.

Pagan ways transformed Christianity, to the same degree that Christianity destroyed paganism -as a necessity quite possibly- even in the writing of Christian Europeans, the stream of tradition continues on, work that provides a template, if one seeks for it, to utilize the base of the decayed Christian religion, in constructing a polytheism based upon one -just as the archangels might be part of a Christian polytheism- the singular essence and the multiple aspect.


From Jung, I have personally taken the greatest of base mythology (though I have countless more to converse with, and I wish I had a greater mind -to hold the language of each- for each channel distorts yet some deepen) in the Liber Novus, I have attempted to form a creation story, built around the Yggdrasil and the world serpent -the water snake Jormugandr- I hope it may have some worth to the religion, giving a place for personal religio.


Only in becoming the transcend, does this work possess deep worth, beyond a hypocritical pointer of potential (burning bridges one must cut off retreat -before victory is attained- the creation of hel as living) only when escape is removed, the walls closed in all around, only then is there desperation, for survival is the base necessity of extension.


Power is centralized, as is all else (in this world -where is center?- the central is only conceived as outer -it only exists in the external world- the world of infinite flux) to be accurate it extends through the whole -integral- within this core lay all necessity (this is what must be honored -beyond obedience- not as mere passive reliance -beyond will- not as dominating control) it is beyond freedom and within freedom, do as you will, love under will.


It doesn’t matter what is thought, only that the thought be directed (unfortunately I focused too much, in regards to an entirely superfluous topic, too much response has been misdirected thus far) what matters is full extension through the existential, every flaw and every truth examined, burned as precision develops through each cycle, for there can be no error in this task, that is in seeking justice for her.


True justice means that even if I hate this society, I must find that which has reason to love, for justice is correction -not vengeance alone- vengeance is itself a chain on the wheel, it is part of decadence.


Decadence, it is a term developed from Kierkegaard’s despair -for he is the greatest point of clarity found- the synthesis of self is one leveling -that is the mirroring of the environment- as self-reflecting environment still self-aware (but in glimpses, seen in hopeless dependence, on the good opinion of others) - the fractal crack created by realization that there is a self; the rejection of self for potential self -seen clearly in holics of every kind- the fractal crack arises, rejecting the self is also rejecting the potential self, having found the ideal self, one falters because the whole self has been rejected (this may be seen in the family man -seeking greater wealth and ignoring family/health or friends- gaining the wealth they have made a choice -gaining the image bereft of family/health if rejection- if accepting the wealth does nothing for the suicidal child) either the rejection or partial image in the whole, the truly integrated individual rarely exists (a sliver image drives one forward -ideal job/wealth/purpose- only as long as the image consumes, the cracks cease to exist.) lack of relation or diversity of connection consume.


We glimpse the eternal but then continue on, blind to what has been passed, lost in the infinite flux of the overlaid form, that is decadence and decay -the sickness unto death- but it isn’t the death, it is the decay of the eternal within, reflected without for everything is alive (everything is alive if it is seen, against the backdrop of the eternal still, everything is alive and diverse by simple contrast.).


Can one act for what they honor, the essential still, this is at the core of I_AM, it is what remains in all horror and all joy, that is what one acts for (to protect the I_AM that remains, or to enliven the experience of it) but the infinite overwhelms this I_AM, it is the form acted for (though it doesn’t matter what the form, act for what you honor -love- connection underlies this action).


Attempting to commit suicide, one holds the knife to their neck, the image of that I_AM arises, but it is as the cells and the voice arises (the archi are born of her, but she moves parallel to aware focus -careful what you think!- having seen them reveals much ignorance of self) her voices arises and a pull comes from the body (she arises as a parallel aspect -some move in opposition to what is bad- is it closer to a question of spiral, around what does one orbit?) if one acts to protect themselves -what are they acting to protect?- what is mature self-interest and ego?


Just as the general must extend beyond themselves, the individual must extend beyond themselves, acting for the body is not acting, only for the image of the body -created within the mind- that is empathetic connection for the whole of the form, empathy does not begin with others, it begins with one-self -then one loves others as they love themselves- what if your cells possess awareness?


Seeing that sameness in each aspect, that is the eternal or essential, that which does not change, it shifts about scale/space/time -to perceive itself- and generates action without acting.


I cannot act naturally in communication (I rejected the methods I see, as some shallow insult/compliment, but managed to develop nothing myself) the only way I have managed to find natural action, it is when I see myself as nothing, having merged with the others nothing (but I have not made headway, I lack strong character -reacting massively to psychic feedback- as I falter time and again in weakness) I don’t truly understand the words of Christ, even though I have some glimmers.


Take this for whatever you will, under your own judgement and not as preaching/truth, even if I were a transcend -I would only be a channel for others- I wouldn’t want followers who must distort -the truth is that I am only illuminated- that is to say that I can glimpse, but have no integrity within that (or I could potentially be insane -the synchronies are too abundant and powerful though- I believe in the force of my reason -therefore I must choose to act and progress if I can- besides I have no desire to live in this construct) the world as it is, it is too full of poison even on the surface, so I try to do what I am able -take this for whatever you will- only use your own judgement in reading.



Two questions:


What is development of the character?

Faith, through infinite in the eternal, beyond specific focus, what is its integrity?


Thank you for your time, Peace.

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Comment by Loki on August 7, 2016 at 6:09pm

Another control is comfort, this life is better than the lives of others, thus don't complain about it, but this roots the horror of others, for the better is not a solution.

The better remains on the same level, so one sees the failure of democracy -in third world countries!- there has been no solution, just the relative better which roots.

Oh for a kane -the sacrificial lamb!- does one demand McDonalds, if they do then they demand another, a minimum wage cook (which is better, the experience of youth -performing nothing of quality- or the permanent slave?) slavery has always been the best of relative power.

The sweat shop worker living in India or elsewhere, they do not pay for dozens of things, which are charged here, thus destroying the supposed wage gap (the only reason to cry 'liberty!' this is the technology of hospitals/roads/etc.) along with the good morality -don't do evil and don't be evil either!- that allows for a shallowly civil nation, that points to the whoring of a potential first lady, and honor is dead -what of civility and the proper!- but I need to move beyond proper to!

Comment by Loki on August 7, 2016 at 5:07pm

The funny thing is speaking of sweat shops, that if one works for rent and food, they are slaves, what does a common cook work for (they live in a technology age -roman slaves- what was considered to be entertainment by all -oh they had nothing!- who owns in this economy?) the difference, is in what is considered common, the other change is in what is considered an offense -the whip comes with the tax- that is called control through service -the best control is called laughter- a fool walks right by the laughing ignorant.

Winners earn their freedom, and in a world of corporations -supplying the necessities of crafts- how many may succeed amongst millions, all buying what is cheap?

Honor is in recognizing worth, but how does one recognize worth -tipping is not understood- when there is not even the base of worth, the base of this society is cheap, it shifted to the corporation long ago, small business is tertiary or secondary at best -sysco/gordon foods and what percentage of small suppliers?- honor is dead because every king kills it every day, luckily they gave power to their lord, elections are not control but escape -the control is hiding the controller- but are we blind or willfully ignorant?

Services can create flow or a cyst -the joke- corporations limit the wealth of the best, but they create relative power, and it seems better to feel powerful, than to ever taste real power -your economy is bloated and top heavy!- so much money and only nothing behind it -a good thing we have the technology to fashion crutches!-.

Speaking of money, surely you just want more money -oh!- now that is truly evil -the control of morals and liberty- do what you want in peace, we are civilized and relative power depends on that, but don't seek equality as seeking money is evil -the fool idea of fairness- any who do not have must not deserve -absolute equality?- should you seek asinine communism.

Perhaps these fools can't figure out mature spending, dumbing down education, and how many really don't understand their own impact (weakness is never to be appreciated, not even if it is my own) the loss of kings must come, when there is no root for them.

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