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I feel my own force is bearing fruit---

strengthening me as a gift to the world.

I feel my own being

filled with forces,

turning me toward enlightenment,

in the weaving destiny of life.

When we meditate or turn within, then we have to experience a change in ourselves. We begin to feel our own inner strength coming to the front and it fills us with a renewed level of energy and confidence. We can by right contemplate the various interpretations of what the fruit might be. For me the fruit manifest as value to others and the ability to carry forward the essence of being. Fruit serve the tree itself for propagation but it also serves as food for various forms of mammals that can consume it. Meditation and solitude is not a practice for selfish gain, with it comes an urge or inner conviction that we can make a difference in the world at large. Our inner awareness grows into an outer awareness that is sensitive to life in the world. The soul strengthen us not for our own sake but as a gift to the world. We are a gift to the world when we realize that we have a unique set of talents and abilities with which we can serve humanity and nature.

When we turn our attention within we also fill ourselves with forces. Enthusiasm, curiosity and creativity are some of those forces to mention but a few. These are the forces that fills us as we become aware of our higher nature and we become aware of the connection between the physical man that speaks and acts and the spiritual man that observes, nurtures and heals. The nature of the soul essence is beyond the material world, limited by time and space. These are not arbitrary forces that come and go like random lightning in a thunderstorm but they are purposeful. They are more like the charge that is build up in a battery ready to be released to perform work. These forces lead us to enlightenment....or a vision that goes beyond the mundane world. This enlightenment is a sense of clarity, where all doubt and uncertainty has dissipated. This clarity is to see us for who we truly are, it is to see the world as it truly is but more to see beyond the illusions and false concepts that prevent us from seeing nature for what it truly is. Without clarity natural and spiritual law is only understood partially. Clarity is an increased awareness and understanding of how natural and spiritual law applies and how it can be used to serve the greater good for man and nature. Enlightenment shows us how the non-physical acts on the physical domain and allow us to see our life in context with others, in context with our fellow human beings; who share this experience of being with us.

In this picture of personal and individual talent we also see our connection with others and with it how a live has a particular destiny that is entwined with those of others. As unique as our experience is, it is also part of a collective experience that we all carry within us. We are the thread of destiny and yet we are also the weavers of those threads of destiny, simultaneously the object and the subject of the focus of our inner forces.

This forces within directs us to our destiny, our role and purpose for this life. The role and purpose that is needed to resolve karmic debt and to gain karmic momentum that drives us evolve towards a more unique expression of individuality, integrated more tightly with the lives of others. The enrichment of individuality is not one of isolation but rather one of a tighter connection where two will achieve more as a sum than that which can be attained by two individuals.

German translation:

Ich fuehle fruchtend eigne Kraft

Sich staerkend mich der Welt verleihn;

Mein Eigenwesen fuehl ich kraftend

Zur Klarheit sich zu wenden

Im Lebensschicksalsweben.

Afrikaans Translation:

Ek voel die vrug van my eie krag,

En word versterk, om myself aan die wêreld te skenk.

My diepste wese voel belaai met krag,

om met 'n helder insig my te wend

tot die weef van 'n lewensdoel.

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