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Ether as opposed to Omega, as the flowering of the human mind, as one writes they branch out from points of integrity.


There was a man sitting by the fire (is he the survivor of a shipwreck, at a bonfire, sitting at sunset or taking refuge from rain?) from the basic imagery springs the rooted image, it spreads to the degree of formation, yet one need not paint the full landscape, the painter knows to use lines to hint at trees, allowing the perceiver to fill in.


The mind arises as one utilizes imagination -in relation to the existential world- one must consider that this realm is no phantasm -it merely shifts with rapidity- the meditation must become the living reality, one may visualize energy and receive impressions (if the mind is not bound to the body purely -it does not matter- whether these emanations come from the brain, they remain a response to the imagination) these impressions are the result of underlying streams.


Those streams are cultivated by the focus, where awareness goes energy flows, the effect on brain/body/environment, this comes out of the integrity -those points of focus that repeat- one may extend the focus past an identified point, if a pool player sees the bank shots, then they plan further than the weaker player.


Similarly, if I may sense another in empathy (be it regarding their non-verbal communication, or in any deeper form of psychic activity) they respond more deeply to the moment, rather than hearing the word, taking face-value (She says fuck you -I hate you or am angry is obvious- you were late and I was worried to death, I was horny and you left) one may see beyond the word, the moment deepens.


The Omega of Chardin or the Ether (I wish to cultivate a Northern religion, rather than purely hijacking that of another culture -fortunately- crafts like baking provide the hidden root of Europe) this is the rooting of a fully formed mind, one focus may extend only so deeply, overlapping underpinning generates the essence of complexity.


In baking one follows only needed recipes, or learns what is used, then develops deepening complexity from this: making fresh pizza dough daily, allowing left over dough to ferment overnight, making flatbread in the morning; making cinnamon buns multiple times daily -one triples the needed sponge- making bread/pastry from the extra, while having extra for emergencies; taking left over daily scones -protected in a display case- one uses a ring mold -making croutons for salad- making formed english muffins for breakfast; using two day old pies, one makes apple tostatas, along with crumble for a dessert.


The increasing interconnections allow for doubled workloads, deepening the quality of daily fresh made food, this is the common sense of baking, but there is no common sense of the mind, that one may tap into by virtue of their humanity -as in the common sense of baking by virtue of baking- each mind forms itself by the existential, materialism!


The gross understanding is neither wrong, nor unnecessary, it is comparable to the growth of moss, without root but feeding directly upon the rock, by dissolving the surfaces it grows upon -its ground may not so easily be utilized by roots- though well formed the moss may not extend out, it is bound to the face of the rock.


To grow up the plant must also grow down, inwards into the soil, this growth is that of the ubermensch, it is in itself the development of common sense (so that the story of humanity has points, arising above and below the scene -allowing one to deepen the moment- showing the environment and character in greater detail) deepening awareness creates greater vitality in the existential, by developing the physical infrastructure, along with the interconnection of the various forms.


However, the mind is also a landscape, just as in the imagined story, it extends more deeply when there are points of recognition (the form deepens with the integrity, each focus creates a lattice, what is the basis of our mental reality?) one may seek to create an intraweb, doing so by intensive meditation (you can look at my two blogs, on torus meditation for some thoughts of visualization -however it is the simplicity that is needed- simplicity allows one to move through life) if the centipede thinks of moving its legs it falters, so too must this meditation be inherently simple.


One simply imagines a vortex thrusting out -actively working to sense connections- it moves out and down into each cell, also out into everything else, from the furniture to the animals to other people, felt connection and vibrant still create the emanations (each doing so helps to create an interlinking mental form, it is not designed to be anything in particular -merely harmonious pattern- each creates the form for themselves) the goal is to form a consistent landscape.


Within that landscape are the points -generated by each meditator- they are actively created by viewing the mental relations, the deepening of experience in the existential, which generates the root of the visualization.


Not all must do so, but only a core group that may create the ground -the minimal effective dose- allowing each individual to move about, within a developed mental landscape (this is the rising of the kundalini, from the rooted core to the crown, connecting above and below) in developing the etheric or the omega point, one creates the individual in relation to the essence -Kierkegaard’s idea of faith expresses this- this is unified complexity, in which each becomes more defined the more they unify.


The terran mind must develop without any root, thus each must spend years to create their form, the mental form is not ephemeral as such, it is merely undefined and basic, relying upon the existential for its development.


Using the word Terran as a global sense, the integration of the feminine -terra- and the masculine -rran- with depth of meaning as to the shaping of existential -for which the Terran is the guide- it carries more depth and effective duality, than Gaia or Maria.


The etheric mind stems out from two underlying aspects, the innate awareness of the body, not instinctive -as in withdrawing the hand from flame- but developed and trained, the mind cannot be deeply reactive (response enters as one’s hand is burned -occasionally shouting the word behind- they walk with awareness to the sink -not necessarily thinking- the response comes when awareness takes over) recognizing the awareness of the body, one roots the minds motions in the form, act naturally!


Then one extends through the soul, the characteristics that are interwoven, to develop the emotion, again the mind must move beyond complete reactivity (no form in the existential may hold sway, or one holds that form as they act, the faith demands focus upon the essence) each sensed motion is only part of a landscape, not determining action but underlying it, one acts from a deeper root, joined fully with the essence as an individual (is the development of character, the way to develop the pattern of emotion -is virtue the integral root of character- these are not questions designed for nice words) if one is balanced are they pacifists only (balance coming through diversity, if I take this action with my time, countless things I could have done are eliminated) temperance roots the passive/active in effective duality.


A bike rests upon effective duality, for duality is motion, so fluidic currents root -the atmosphere and oceans motion- so a computers motion is rooted, what is fractal programming however?


Through the innate body, and the character of the soul, one extends the etheric mind, as the flowering of the thousand petal lotus -the flowering of humanity- creating the flux of the mind, as a deep and recognized motion -that fluidic flux is the transition- the age of aquarius in astrology -which I wish maintained a stronger core!-.

In order to develop the mind, it must occur both above and below, this is merely an exploration, a search for how to reach the Omega point, which is the ascendancy of humanity -immanent transcendence- moving beyond the world, through the world.


As an example of rooting the mind, the family ties must also be strengthened, this is done through play (in the modern tradition, this is through video games, the greatest of which might be Pokemon or Mario) it gives a common ground that may move into the world, but allows for a kind of continuation.


The true award of a video game, this is to be recognized as a centennial -or centurion- allowing depth and mutual understanding through play, but for this one may seek a different form of development, in the creation of games -allowing the relation of parent and child- certainly one must seek games lasting for decades -as a minimum- to deepen mutual understanding and lightness.


This work is being posted with minimal editing or change, from its original writing, apologies for any gross failures or ignorance, I hope any who read this may find it useful.


Take this all in your own judgement, I claim nothing but an attempt, until there is success there is no ground for more -use your salt- see what is worthwhile for yourself, without imagining this to be anything but honest exploration.


Thank you for your time, Namaste.

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