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If the stock market creates surplus by motion, how can this idea -neither good nor evil- be developed to support the global entity, as a literal part of a circulatory system?


Consider that stock market fluctuation might move with seasons -the growth comes- when companies purchase their own available stock -with the previously raised idea of investment- any may invest as a savings, only those the capable company supports gain surplus. 


Having gained surplus (as a result of the company using the stock, to increase material supplies -or various other factors- sales to increase interest or other marketing perhaps) the investor removes their stock, when the company enters its sleep/passive phases, such as a restaurant that booms 5 months of the year, putting the original stock or more into a school, or placing the stock into a car dealer -one that sells cars actively 3 months of the year- thus circulating funds most effectively, utilizing the idea of micro lending.


Those who understand the minutia, they handle their investments/reserve/taxes themselves, those who do not utilize financial assistants -the role of a bank shifting significantly- the manipulation of the market -this has become a necessity- it allows the company to gain boosts as needed, in place of government subsidies -but still relying on some skill/planning-  the success of the company is bound, to the continual flux of the markets.


One puts $10,000 into a bakery, the baker has $8,000 in personal surplus, they buy $5,000 of that stock -at 5% return- for $500 they gain a $5,000 loan whose interest is paid -as the energy that frees the reserve-  then purchasing a new convection oven/proofer, the stock may be utilized by the host, otherwise the stock is purely a storage -which the company may also accept or refuse- the loan is paid through a 5% return on all profits, what is the benefit of this idea -what is its integrity?-?


What is the use of a corporation, if that entity is akin to an empire, how does one create a republic as a guild, utilizing aspects of the form, to redefine and develop individual companies?


Thus, supporting individual crafters and servants -from the root of service- how does one make the hospital or school self-sustained (what if every hospital held resorts and spas, what if public schools and high schools were publishers -how does a university integrate into economy- eliminating the need for supporting tertiary activity) a school will always cut tertiary sectors, or overcharge and seek greater input, in order to pay and create surplus, what is the role of core personnel?


Idle questions (but sinning is such sweet pleasure!)


If an iron island is a symbol of piracy, and that of a dark age, then what is the symbol of an enlightened race -one that has overcome nature through nature- a wooden island, made of trees like redwoods.


A highly sophisticated but natural race, each creates achievements to show the pinnacle of their ability -their Dubai and their NASA- once deep sea exploration was the pinnacle, in the future deep space exploration will be (but what is the golden age of iron, the pinnacle of carbon crystal?) even though it may sink below the waves -be a life measured in millennia/years/eons- one still builds and this is life!

Perhaps one day, an island will fall into the sun, if things lasted forever, there would be no such thing as orgasm!


If a series of frequencies may affect mood -thus production of various chemicals- can they affect the action or composition of bacteria, even the form the membrane tends to take, like a sand form on a drum -pulsing with vibration- what is the use of crystals, in maintaining consistent harmonies?


May organisms living in the scalp develop -preventing hair loss- or can organisms in the eyes help maintain vision (or develop it further, acting as another layer of lenses, or diffracting light to see visions/auras/etc?) beer is a living organism (then can it be diversified, thus also watered down in some cases, promoting healthy development in the liver) what developments may it assist with?

Perhaps one day, door handles will excrete enzymes (made of mushroom molds, covering small crystals and pulsing wire, designed to support bacterial colonies) beneficial enzymes absorbed into the skin, the fountain of eternal life, could it exist as the world itself -rather a deepening of the world- a deepening that is complexity.


In order to deepen complexity, one must first see the simplicity, the modular writing is currently a half and half, I do not write simply enough, thus it rarely extends into true complexity.


Until the simplest is recognized, the solutions falter (how does one speak of infinity, while meaning eternity, yet maintaining a path through infinity?) how do you create Ariadne’s thread, so that one may move through the labyrinthine work, viewing the side passages but recognizing the integrity (my writing lacks simplicity, too often I lose track of the core integrity -how do you speak of anything- speaking always of one thing) in this is truly rhyming time, IMCO!


I wish I lived in an initiatic age, for the modern initiation too often lacks an apocalypse (the deepest of common modern initiations -perhaps exist in university or military- they lack integrity as the soldier may return to being civilian -they are only bound to the overt form- thus they are no true initiation) the intiation is deep experience, shifting the fundamental experience (it is thus the core of gnosis or wisdom, initiation is not about intellect or character, it is about developing wisdom) the truly simple and worthwhile, this depends upon a race rooted through initiation (the complex relies upon the simple core, genius relies upon good people, a republic is defined by its citizens and not leaders) having read this do you see Ariadne’s thread?

Rooted initiation begins with birth, it continues through to death, now I'm back to my boat, assumption is your own tangent, something must be very clear to have pillars -they allow for extension- beyond the words and into the occult.

How can one write, and never say what they focus upon, the tao that is called the tao is not the tao.

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