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Cydonia, dear Cydonia where have you been my dear

What has time done to your body.

Where life once flourished now just a mask is left.

I look at the hills where we used to run

And see just death walking the lands.

How many years has it been, I had forgotten about you.

There were times that you were a home long time ago it was.

So long I barely remember the sunrise and how the oceans would kiss the shore.

There was so much joy in running up the streets with no name.

And playing with the birds in the trees.

Now all I have are tears when I think of you.


May be time was just too cruel though all great things must come to an end.

Once there was a civilization that reached such heights that even the atlanteans would be jealous of.

Palaces of crystal and energy directly from the sun.

Streets of gold and pyramid temples reminding us of what life is all about.

People loving one another, no lies and no pain.

Games there were and masquerade balls with dances that made one fly.

Fruits that fill you up with just a bite and the water of life flowing through the veins.

No cars needed, you just thought of a place and you could be there.

No telephone needed you would hear everyone you wished to speak to in your mind.


Connection from soul to soul in the purest magical way.

Dance with the spirit of another until there is no you and them.

Until both of you are one and the same sun shining brightly under the clear sky.

Beautiful purple sky with clouds of silver floating like boats along the gentle stream.

Tall red hills with giant birds flying by and wise men in the tree branches with tiny creatures on each shoulder.


To a naked eye the lands are empty and the nature is dead.

To an open eye the nature was blooming and the spirits of each were in state of ecstasy.

Existence on a level our eyes now can’t perceive and can’t even begin to understand.

One day maybe we will be able to imagine freedom on such level.

To be a mirage between the layers of existence yet exist perfectly naturally independent from it all.

To be one with everything within every cell of everything yet not embodied in anyway.

To be everywhere yet just here, to see everything yet not open an eye at all.

A dimension in which nature can only be seen with the eye of the spirit

Because it existed only on the level of the Agja.


How can such galactic beauty end? Everything has an end, only the great spirit is eternal.

The houses that once stood are just rock now, the people have long left the lands.

The birds no longer sing the trees are no longer filled with wise men.

May be one day we all will understand why you had to come to such horrid faith.

Why a giant like you saw its doom in the face of a moon.

In one day and one night the air was gone, the trees were dead and the fish would flush on the shore.

Everyone must obey the cosmic wave and the change of the great cycles.

Now  all we have are memories of the sun embracing your face.










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Comment by anki on August 21, 2017 at 1:56am


Comment by balwant singh on August 21, 2017 at 12:12am

What an attempt to paint the soul  with beauty of words, the imagery, and the scale, as if entire cosmos itself has been embraced!


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