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Without Limits there would be no form. A Beginning and an End are limits in themselves. Where they meet a cycle ends and begins. On each limit an inside ends and begins. But as with time such it is with space, where the limit only separates to distinguish a becoming from a having-been and not the "What" that permeates it all. This "What" is defined yet by its own limits, which cease to be for the "What" that permeates it beyond. As each cell within us has its limits, we permeate it and define ourselves beyond them. So our body has its limit to the outside, with which it is defined, but our purpose permeates it. The purpose of this body has its limits since it had a beginning and will have an end, but our Soul permeates it. Our Souls have a limit to define each of us as individual, but the purpose permeates it. Carry on to meet the face of God, which still would bring you up to yet another limit and only the infinite permeates it. And thus it does all.

What about breaking the Limits? What about acknowledging the Limits? What about recognizing them?

Is it the will of a cell that gives it its walls? Is it our will that gives us the limit of our skin? Is it our Souls will that distinguishes us from each other? Is it the will of the supernal Soul that splits it from the Infinite?

Who gives those limits and are they a blessing?

The great burden that was placed upon us was that we were given the power to impose limits, to make definitions and thereby to create form. While the Infinite has created everything out of nothingness by means of separating elements through limits, we organize ourselves together by means of limits. Done with the right intentions has us as a whole permeate our own limits. But if those limits push us apart or block the whole of us to link through those limits, then we corrupt this power vested in us. Equally, if we disregard the proper limits, we lose form. The key, I believe, is to embrace limitations, if we can permit ourselves to recognize the form they bring forth. Then we shall experience that it is love, which permeates those limits to bind us all together and directs the motion of this form, guiding us from our beginning to our end and permits God to permeate it all.

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Comment by Being on July 1, 2012 at 11:14am

There are a (selected from their writings of Truth) a few members of this Esoteric group that I 'Love'. Love being an embodiment that I can't accurately describe. An enveloping feeling inside and out when I read them and are thus in contact with their essence. (I can't describe it accurately.) You are an important One of them.

Comment by Taron on June 26, 2012 at 5:13am

Thanks everyone, this is a wonderful set of reactions. Oddly enough, I didn't get notified in my email about the comments, which is very unusual?! However, all the bigger the surprise and just as delightful and insightful as I come to expect from you. :o)

It's quite funny to realize that to topic of limits is probably one of the most unlimited like ones to find examples and thoughts about.

I love the bit about the breathing of air, Nemo, thanks!

Trevor, thank you, it feels like we're listing up aspects of limits and their necessity, lifting our minds' eyes higher and higher. Just wonderful and rich.

Blaze, I agree, enjoy and am very grateful.

Thank you, Being, you always give me such a warm push and are making it a habit to inspire even more. "Unlimitlessness" is a brilliantly simple way of putting the core aspect of truth into one single word. Limitlessness is just another word for the Infinite, even if all of these are just words that are needed from our perspective to describe or address It. To view ourselves then from our own perspective, or to view the core trait of our existence based on its origin, "Unlimitlessness" captures both the limits that produce form and their Origin at the same time, still being contained in all form. The only danger is to think this would be an opposite. Limited is the opposite to unlimited, but "unlimitless" would still contain limitless inside and therefor is a compliment or "extension" or "expression" of it. Certainly clever. :o)

As for my writing, or saying- for that matter- I had a wonderful conversation the other day with "my" Rabbi Hurwitz, who I by now consider a dear friend. I'm not Jewish, you know, so it is twice the privilege to me that he shares with me time to explore the Torah together. However, he's not a qabalist, but appears to embrace the push I'm giving him to study it a bit, too. He began reading into the Zohar and other qabalah related sources and then, with some surprise, said that he couldn't find my observations there or in any of the commentary, thus far, while he obviously was expecting to do so. By now this didn't shock me so much anymore, I mean the fact that he was even assuming to find my thoughts there, because people are so accustomed to acquire words of wisdom or rely on teachings rather than truly thinking for themselves to begin with. But only out of a lack of faith in their own faculties. Now, I really don't mean for this to sound arrogant or the means of boasting to me, which is not so easy to claim, I'm afraid. But the point is, I'm not just an unsatisfied being that feeds on solutions that taste right, nor am I hungry for knowledge for its own sake. It has been my thinking that made me realize the possible merit within scripture and the great blessing that a Harekrishna follower knocked at my door in disguise, selling Christian pictures of Jesus and Mary and all that. He realized that I might care, he felt that I could use the Bhagavad Gita and promised to return the next day with it, which he did. I read it, which was not easy at first, but I had to go through with it. Soon enough it became such an amazing delight. I recognized reflections of my thoughts, which were purely technical, really, logical as far as I could tell, but the flowery language and devout fashion of the verses still confirmed core aspects of my contemplations. It's all this which triggered my urge to explore more ancient scripture, especially judeo-christian sources, since that's the society I grew up in. But the point was to find more alignments there and see, if there are more pieces to this great puzzle, so to say. It took some time to really seeing through the words and not contrived or by force, but through acceptance and care and above all- genuine focus and faith in intuition. When you try to let go of the mind itself and allow "feeling" to inform you, its voice gives powerful keys back to the mind to open doors which itself could've never even encountered, let alone have opened. However, I have always been afraid to read commentaries or let messengers teach me with their own interpretations. However they may have understood, it is so in their segment of the great crystal, you know, they see things through their mind and receive distortions from their own struggle through this confused human world. I even see scripture as a messenger, but its distortions are so far away from ours today, that it is far easier to distinguish between core message and "confusion". 

I'm getting a bit carried way, I guess, but the point is... all my writings are the product of my arrogance to assume that it is forgivable that I share with you the pure flow of my thoughts. I even assume that, due to its genuine human nature, it might inspire not only with its content, but with the freedom it reflects to speak out loud what comes from the heart and the feeble- but honest- attempts to interpret it into words.

Again and again I want to tell you how grateful I am, that you offer such a wonderful platform for this. I love so much that we can share all of this and am kind of bathing in your thoughts with just joy. In fact, there's no limit to my joy!

Comment by Trevor W. G. on June 26, 2012 at 1:00am

Very well said Nemo! Lungs, breathing, Great analogy.

Comment by Nemo on June 25, 2012 at 4:10pm

Just a line or two about how I enjoyed your post and how it resonates with my own appreciation of 

limits. The capacity of the lungs have their own limit but the air we take in is limitless. There is a quality in the breath when we become more conscious of it and the moment surrounding it. As we become more intimate with the process each moment can become more meaningful so that we recognize the the promise that as we let go the breath, in its place, another will return the same yet different. Eventually, we can embrace this cycle of opposites and learn the simple and most subtle

of lessons. The head and the tail are one.          

As always, well done and good form.

Comment by Trevor W. G. on June 25, 2012 at 6:10am

Is it not the intention/will of the stone to retain its shape? or of water to flow? I have thought recently that perhaps all we do all we can do, as living, thinking beings is to impose limits. Science agrees. The job of the brain is to limit our awareness. God is unlimited. but without limits there is nothing. In the same way without gravity there can be no flight. If we dont embrace it then we cannot "use" it. Embrace the obvious fact that my birth promises my death, and I can truly live with out fear of the unavoidable inevitability. 

Wonderfully arranged  my friend :). As Being stated you clearly write from contemplative knowledge, very lovely.

I can certainly relate to your line of thought. Infinity is necessarily limited to create and destroy all things we are and ever will be able to distinguish as existence. I think we literally shape concepts neurologically, to "contain"/limit our conscious experience, into concepts and Ideas. Limitation is necessary for the delicate balance of life, and all components(limited/abstracted aspects) of it.

thank you for your thoughts :)

Comment by Being on June 24, 2012 at 11:13pm

May I add that it is the 'Experience' of revelation that is neccesary and that only comes with a Grace when one is 'ready'. Bless us every one.

Comment by Being on June 24, 2012 at 11:08pm

I wrote a long note on 'Limitlessness' asking you what that means to you knowing that it is way up there as the three Veils of the unknown on The Tree of Life. I probally was so engrossed that I forgot to 'add comment'. Now its basics I can't remember and all the points that I had in mind. Still what does that famous expression 'Unlimitlessnesss' mean to you.  enlighten us timur.

And by the way the reason I value your writings so much are that they are purely meditative and that they are purely your own writings.

Other peoples thoughts may help steer or speed up our Pathway markers but only your own work will transform you in body, mind, Soul and Spirit!

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