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Breaking and Making

How to embrace some limits and break others, this is the foundation of many if not most questions in life. Adam and Eve, the first great story about the development of mankind in the Torah, shows us the first limit imposed upon Adam and the breaking of it, which leads to a multitude of limits, describing much greater detail and providing ever more defined direction. To pursue these stronger definitions, skin was given to the souls and multitude of souls was introduced. On the way there, Cain and Abel were given existence and ways to function within those limits, but breaking them brought again greater definition in form of new forms of limitations upon limitations; ever to roam the earth, never to settle and so forth. Ironically this brought skills into existence like building cities and organizing communities, which seem to be the opposite to roaming and represent the very meaning of settlement. However, the breaking of one limit never destroyed it, but led to finer definitions or denser clusters of definitions.

It might be possible then to conclude or imagine that the breaking of one limit should never lead to pure limitlessness, but to greater or finer definition of limits, to improve or even define new form. A formless life on earth is no life at all. How we find the form we are able to hold is our challenge. Which limits are guidance and which are hindrance or too coarse, that's the answers we are asked to find. For that reason it is always wise to examine the limits before we choose to attack them. Sometimes in order to examine them, we need to get on the outside of them, so breaking them seems necessary. But when this breaking-out destroys their existence, we cannot examine them anymore. Therefore, I believe, it is important to develop an understanding of limits from the ground up, from within. Expand that observation gradually throughout our bodies and then to outside of them to eventually in other bodies and so forth.

When ever we break a limit, we need to carry our love with it and it must not be harmed in the process. Love is the light that makes the unseen visible to us and without it we cannot truly recognize the nature of anything, let alone the limits we set out to explore. Our wisdom and understanding are the shield that keeps our love safe. Break anything without those and love will be harmed.

Non of this is really easy to fathom at first. At least to me, I should add, because I'm just starting to view it all with limits in mind. We in our vestments are far more surrounded by tangible limits, yet we care to to recognize their virtues. How can our Soul, which has far less of them to deal with, figure this out by itself. By its very trait it seeks a state of greater limitation, the desire to live in the flesh and experience. Maybe it is the quest to embrace and break consciously limits, that is a core aspect of life's appeal?

The weight, however, should be on the embrace, because the majority of all limits are responsible for all the aspects of our existence and only some few on and above the physical complexity appear to interfere with our desires or aspirations. "Above" in this case does not refer to the supernal, but to human laws, for example. In programming, for example, low-level means instructing the computer processor closest to it's language of instructions. Higher levels allow for us to more and more speak in our language, while interpreters transform the instructions into a lower levels that eventually can be understood by the processor. In this case the so called supernal would represent the lowest level, closest to the language of the Infinite, while the physical realm would represent the highest level being most removed and requiring the greatest amount of interpretation.

Anyway, it's just what I currently ponder upon. Please, do not confuse "limitation" with tabu or lack of confidence. This is first and foremost a reference to fundamentals, starting from the eternal over the spiritual into physical manifestation. Recognize death and birth as a limit to one life-cycle, while a much larger cycle permits souls to return into physical life-cycles and there maybe even larger cycles above those until the last reference becomes the Infinite Itself. But we've talked about this in the previous sketch in some length.

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Comment by Taron on July 5, 2012 at 3:30am

Thanks, Dean! 8)

Thanks, Julian! This is one of the more surreal pictures of Genesis for sure. I like the hint of facetiousness in both the picture and the little dedication's "glorified spiritual garments". Neat.

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