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Hypothesis on the origin of physical existence

I presume that a specific purpose preceded all of creation and that every part of it was designed to facilitate the required process to fulfill this purpose. The order of definitions may have DNA, the programing structure of the most complex manifestations and the probable main carrier towards the ultimate purpose, conceptualized long before any minor or more mechanical portions of physical existence. In other words, the matter/energy concept of the universe alongside potentially higher layers of the universal structure, has been tailored around the DNA implementation. The process of change, adaptation and idealization by means of selective activation and deactivation of components on top of the intrinsic imperative of recombination by means of cyclic creation and destruction has been the corner stone of the overall conception. Without anchorage and proper isolation such tasks could not be engaged. Therefore limits had to be imposed to enable a multitude and permit variety to begin with. 

As an analogy I would use the process of creating a computer program, for example. First there is the idea, a purpose which is to be accomplished. Then we chose the medium that can carry the result. Let's say we write a paint software, the idea is to produce an image. To have a container for this image we need to examine the nature of the data and how to make all required determinations such as size of the image, kind of color information per pixel, potential compression and so forth. Alone to even display the image, we would have to have nearly a perfect mirror of this structure in the computer's memory the entire time in order to instruct the video card properly so that it can interpret the data properly for display on a monitor. Bear with me, please! Once we are content with the structure and can rely on its proper functioning, we can proceed to create the program around it that will allow an artist to fill in this structure with his art. The interface that allows the editing of the image content does not evolve the data structure, but it permits near limitless variation within its assigned portion of the data. The quality of the images then is no longer tied to the structure of the image, but entirely depends on the artists filling it out. The more people work with it and learn to accept the limitations and deal with them creatively, the more expressive and original becomes the content they create within it.

Every now and then, however, it shows that certain functions could be optimized, certain limitations could be altered, an upgrade could become beneficial or even necessary to continue the increased awareness of the potential behind the original conception. But this is going a bit far now, hehehe...

Anyway, so my hypothesis is that DNA or the intention that found DNA as an appropriate medium for the fulfillment of the original purpose was there before anything else.

Needless to say that I'm just thinking out loud here.

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Comment by Taron on July 23, 2012 at 6:33pm

Which one? My painter, my sequencer, my synthesizer or my games? :o)))

I've really stalled on everything for a while now, but I will pick them up one by one. Currently I'm experimenting with my physical modeling synthesizer, which still has long ways to go, too, but it's quite exciting to me.

The painter I plan on starting from scratch again, even if I love what I have already very much, but I'd like it even more progressive. I have so many ideas for it, it's dreadful to wait, hehe...

Thanks for asking, though! 8)

Comment by Taron on July 23, 2012 at 8:47am

Somehow I think it's been enough thoughts to contemplate for a moment. I really don't want to drown it, you know. I only just began to break into all of this and I still struggle with my worries to be too hasty and arrogant with sharing my current state of exploration. More or less parallel to each thing I write I have this little voice that keeps going at me: What do you know?

I'm glad you feel a profundity in it all, because this is the layer I'm trying to unravel and I assume that only from their we can receive the tools to find clarity in the vicious complexity of our crazy life. 

Thanks, again, and forgive me for erasing what I replied earlier, but I felt pretty much immediately that it was way over the top and carried away. I hope that was ok.

Comment by Taron on July 22, 2012 at 11:40am

Oh wow, there you go, you're saying it "DNA (GOD)", because that is essentially a way to view what I'm saying. Most properly I consider DNA or parts of its structure to be the rails of God, that composition of the pathway through which the Infinite propagates Itself or which may well be the "veins" of Its wisdom for a lack of a better comparison. It's notoriously difficult for us to transcend our own physical experience in our thinking or the description of our thoughts. That's part of the challenge of reaching "enlightenment".  While we can be associated directly with our DNA, or at least our physical instrument, our body, it really is merely a vehicle for the transformation of this Infinite pathway/structure. At least this is what I come to believe, I should add.

Further more I believe that we have to be concerned with all this to some extend, because it is all too easy to get lost in the corrupting entanglement of pure matter. Selfishness leads to the preservation of chaos which is the state that we work our way out of through change and faith, really.  Alone to accept love in our lives is the very core of faith, whether we consciously acknowledge spirituality and the Creator or not. Love is the installment of directives that go beyond simply material concerns. It represents a choice out of a realm without substance, beyond it. However much people suggest primitive notions as the source for such a choice, it's mostly just a testimony to their own lack of experience in that matter and the great many corrupting examples in popular culture. But now I'd really be digressing a bit, hehe... even though it is actually a strongly connected subject to all this.

Comment by Taron on July 22, 2012 at 11:14am

Thanks, Julian!

That's the funny thing about information in itself. It's abstract as it contains but the idea of manifestation. If that is already a trait of it all, who can deny its significance to the very foundation of the physical realm.

Comment by Taron on July 22, 2012 at 10:46am

Me, too! :o)

All we've figured out about DNA thus far is that it contains instructions and other data sets inside of a container with a timed decay. That it is composed of more or less simple components so that the container and its data itself can be "easily" copied or reproduced with readily available material; that there is information contained beyond the relevant instructions for the existence and composition of the life form that propagates it; that there is no redundancy we could reliably declare as such; that it still goes far beyond our comprehension and that its initial complexity and concept exceeds any possibility of it having been conceived by chance.

I've long proposed that there are fundamental laws in existence that govern a directed increase in complexity from dimension to dimension, who's fluid nature may bring about a logical platform that merely continues ordering mechanics. This complexity simply makes it nearly impossible for us to still see the methodical nature underneath it all. The variety of emerged components introduces awareness in various stages up until the self-awareness in which we find ourselves. Every stage has its superior governing faction, which itself becomes inferior to the subsequent layer of existence. What is our governing faction, how far are we removed from the ultimate initiator/creator of it all? Those are questions of interest, but not of relevance as long as we accept that we act on a purpose with facilities that are provided to us and must be available to each of us independent from external presumptions. Meaning, we ourselves must be aware of what we can do and have to examine carefully what we should do based on our environment, both technical and social for that matter. Not one of us is meant to experience life in total isolation, for example. But all these are mostly mechanical observations, really. Yet, reality and our experience within it has layers far beyond what we would normally recognize as mechanical. And as an idea had found its temporary home in DNA, so our self-direction is beyond substance, yet it, too, leads to some manifestation. There's a whole universe beyond substance in which ideas compose all the components of our transcendental Self, lasting countless lifetimes, even the link to our common immortal Self and eventually the Infinite Itself. It is partially illustrated in the Tree of Life, while it also contains the increasing limitation that leads to form and the physical realm altogether. But the Tree represents a basic principle and various components of it all have "their own tree", so to say. And there are trees within the tree, further illustrating the fractal nature on inclining complexity of it all. Once viewed with enough understanding, it becomes revelatory to read the Torah/Bible far beyond what any superficial encounter might suggest. I really wonder, if it even holds more clues to the composition of DNA itself?! I'm quite certain it covers a great deal of cosmology and even astrology, for example. But that's a very different part of this conversation, I believe, hehe...still part of it!

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