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One cannot obtain an answer. You cannot find an answer in a book or hear it from a person or read it from the stars. The only thing you can ever get is the inspiration to arrive at your answer from inside yourself. Even then you cannot share the answer and expect people to accept it and propagate it as such. Even then you, too, can only inspire in the same way the information you came to had inspired you.

Anyone who insists on being in possession of the answer and demands it to be recognized cannot have processed what he was given, yet. If such insistence leads to strive, such people become a threat to the very inspiration they've adopted and may even destroy the merit of its original power.

I know that it is challenging, because much like it is being said about madness, "the mad person simply doesn't know he's mad", the fanatic doesn't know he's fanatic. Equally I would speculate that the truly righteous person does not know he's right.

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Comment by Ommi on August 5, 2012 at 9:07am

Beautifull sketch Timur...........................And yes we are all the answer...........all we have to do is Be in it........only the intellect (ego) insists that it knows.Right and wrong are polarities of ego. Being just Is.It does not contend.It is unchanging and undifferentiated yet permeates everything.................OM

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