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Daily Sketch No.38 - The Golden Age

Ideas about the Golden Age...

A time when humanity has no self imposed scarcity.

A time when humanity knows only unconditional sharing.

A time when lies are no longer needed.

A time when all celebrate each ray of brilliance offered by anyone. When humanity identifies itself with every spark of genius coming from amongst them; when it sees with all its eyes of one; when we hear each other as thoughts of one.

A time when we no longer doubt, but appreciate our flaws for the steps they are on our ascent to purity. When our actions collectively carry us there.

In the spiral of universal cycles we may reach another golden age, brighter than all those before, higher than all those before and yet another revolution toward clarity. But even clarity is but a trait of the window through which we may recognize the actions we are meant to take.

And maybe it takes this coming Golden Age for us to truly understand that this windows shows into ourselves, where it reveals to us that it is our very own power that takes us to the limits given to us as we drop the limits imposed by ourselves.

Share with us your thoughts about the Golden Age. What makes it golden, pure, clear?

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Comment by Taron on December 22, 2012 at 5:06am

AHH, You are a ray of light to me, Didi, and a well of connections.  :o)))

The Vedic observations have such a mysterious originality to them by which I often hope we find a stronger delivery of humanities earlier understandings. If anything it teaches us to explore wisdom in an active, engaging way, kind of transcending both scientific or dogmatically religious considerations and let it resonate with- and revive- our living spiritual heritage. Thank you for giving it proper prominence!

I'm still wedged between the worlds of modern science and ancient spirituality ever since my thoughts became a bridge between both. (-at least to me.) Oddly enough I have a hard time to respect either fully, because both have arrogance in their wake and neither nourish clarity sufficiently unless one already has a fair amount of clarity already. And I don't know, if I can say that about myself? I accept that I sense certain things, but fundamental questions remain behind a veil. It feels as though it is getting thinner and thinner, but even that might be a delusion, I don't know.

However, I know what I can do as a human being and I witness our human power with every social encounter I have, as well as our weaknesses, of course. The pile of rubble we amass around our consciousness is real in consequence, but consists of nothing but opaque illusions. The burden of its weight is the fuel of our fears and the strength we put behind our spiritual counter power pushes up so hard that we are afraid to lose the burden, for we might shoot straight up into the sky, losing the ground beneath us. I hope to one day find the right approach to have us stand up straight with open eyes and just begin to understand the simplicity of our need and the sheer infinite complexity of our potential. May we find one language that leaves behind deception and clears the pathways of our connection.

Oh, what I was going to get at was whether those astronomic observations where accurate in regards to our long term wave around the galactic plane. I yet have to see a truly acceptable scientific confirmation of that idea. My logic confirms that layers of existence alternate between cyclical fundamentals and "linear" consequences or catalysts, ultimately having everything spiral continuously through transformations. Whether this is as overtly physical as a wavy motion or just as cyclical behavioral change, I'd love to learn more about it. My point being is that it would be exciting to know, if we are truly on an ascending path toward the next Golden Age, as naive as this may sound. Wouldn't it be nice to fuel hope with such a simple diagram!? 

It is meant to trigger hard work, but for the right reasons, the proper goals. Hard work does not have to mean pain or loss, but actually means true gain through and through. One day I'd love to examine deeply the word "Sacrifice" and how we came to turn it into a pile of splinters.

Happy Winter Solstice to you, too, and merry Christmas, actually. I wished all Christians came to understand the true symbol of Christ, which is the supernal soul, where we all are one, regardless what form of life we take in our present cycle. To celebrate this Christmas as a moment of unity for all of us, a time of connection and reconnection, is a blessing nobody should miss.

If you knew me, you'd be shocked to hear me say this, because it took me until very recent that I began seeing through the layers of crap the church has stacked between the Christian revelation and what we now associate with it. Maybe more bold than most, Christianity did take a strong step out of the truly dark ages, yet the agents of chaos caught up with it quickly end tried to suffocate it right in its roots and is still choking it today. But that's for another sketch... :o}

Love you all and to us all. Let us melt for moment just to touch the truth.

Comment by Taron on December 21, 2012 at 3:27pm

When all these moments are no longer islands, but building blocks of our consciousness, threads to the human web, then we live in the golden age and need not cling to brief glimpses into what could be.

Sincerity leads us to good AND bad, liberating us from ignorance and empowering our conscious actions. That we technically have what it takes to create a life of permanent bliss is without question to me. I'm just afraid we can only hope to be able to prepare future generations to withdraw from this corrupted state of conditional everything. I hope they won't have to retreat into memory and illustrated ideals that justify the misery of submission to an oppressive paradigm like the one of this global society. I hope they get to truly understand what it means to live for each other, apply oneself for the other and thrive by the fruit of the other to produce the fruit for the other. Not to envy, but favor accomplishments, recognize them for what they are; a product of loving dedication. To seek integration and meet gratitude not as condition but confirmation. Never to fall back on blame, declare defeat or pity, but recognize correction when it is needed and understand it to be in line with ones own love and never against it. I hope they grow up to love openly and with clarity that we are all here together for a reason, whether we understand or even know the details or not. I hope they see what we call God in everything, that they recognize themselves as a way of divine revelation and act awake with appreciation.

I hope they will gain back patience to listen, to read and to receive willingly what others want to share with them. I hope they will have that same patience with themselves and can trust again to find the same in others.

We're training ourselves to communicate in soundbites, twitter and the likes. I sure hope this will blow over soon.

Comment by Nemo on December 21, 2012 at 2:03pm

Didi, I embrace these words so much. They are truly wonderful and genuine. When we can apply this 

'Gold' into authentic action, the dawn of the Golden Age will be more tangible.

And it can always happen...Here and Now. Let us remember that 'Compassion is a Verb'

Thank you Taron for this Daily Sketch                                          Nine Bows to you


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