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Daily Sketch No.41 - breaking the spell

Breaking the Spell

It seems we only ever start to break free, I feel, bound by spells of convention which reach so deep into our being that it takes miraculous moments to make us sense those tiny, vicious tendrils, piercing our wish, poisoning our will. Hidden in plain sight they tell us what to believe, what to accept and what to dismiss. They are the foreign judges, ruling the extend of our liberty and they masquerade as ourselves. But they are not. Masters of manipulation they use our powers to distinguish between reason and folly and have us apply those against our own imagination. But there is no place for such distinction.

Inside of you is total freedom, truth untouched by doubt, not judged for viability, not ruled by any guidelines. Inside of you is the channel that tunes into infinity, home of us all, place of our birth, filled with images we can only begin to see, when we permit ourselves to fail the words we've learned, the values that were imposed on us, the measurements of what we've been taught was true.

Let go! Let yourself "lie", if that's how you thought your visions would be judged! Let "silly" ideas flourish, bloom, dance through your visions! Surrender to your inner, central eye!

I believe, it may take a long time before those images become sharper, more focused, before this sight expands to the rim of our own body's field and eventually beyond it. But with plenty of training, practicing to see in total darkness, light will come, will get brighter and eventually we may see a part of everlasting truth that is always with us and tickles the senses we will regain.

Love and Light to all of us!

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Comment by Taron on January 28, 2013 at 3:15am

Love you, too, Being, your intensity, your strength from a source of such effortless focus and the joy that radiates from you is an infusion to me and everyone, who turns to your attention.

This morning I woke up from an apocalyptic dream. Again all gravity failed in waves of release and recall. I found myself almost naked as all temperature dropped, but it did not hurt. The amazement at all events gave a sense of peace, even when all should turn to chaos. But people held on, trying to continue. Fear gave way to a resigning that liberated so many, knowing there was nothing they could do against the cosmic event, but everything they could do would be for all of us, who ever was nearest. While many were lost, there intention was to find what they new, holding on to obligations that no longer would apply, some realized that this was the time when all conventions broke and pure clarity moved them by their hearts. These potentially final moments would be for love and genuine care. I saw a waitress trying to attend to terrified people, who desperately tried to hold on to normal life, hoping for a cup of coffee. The world had turned dark so sudden as it turned too quickly to its night side. All power was gone, but the chaos up above turned countless objects into shooting stars, streaking like brightly lit flares across the sky.

When my house was set down again it broke into pieces, but I leaped into a door frame and managed to survive in a small chamber that somehow kept together. With me I had a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, which I grabbed real quick, knowing that I at least want to kick back and enjoy the show. This chamber with me inside landed on a little road down a countryside hill next to what looked to have been a small vacation spot with a tiny mall, a cafe and a restaurant both across a kind of courtyard. All was in ruins already, but enough of it was still standing for the above scenario to take place. My chamber was beginning to slide down that road. A car rushed by, narrowly missing me, when I decided to leap out to find a good spot for viewing the spectacle. That's when I noticed the commotion over there. I realized I left everything in the chamber, but it kept accelerating down the hill. I tried, but couldn't catch up to it anymore. So I went over to the cafe and talked to the waitress, who acted like a nurse to her colleagues across the courtyard, trying to make them feel as if everything would go on somehow. We began talking. She wanted to keep serving, but also wanted to go home to her family, but- naturally- there was non of that left.

When I was up in the air with my home, seeing the world sink beneath me, I immediately thought about how I could get to my wife, since she was not here. But I realized that there was no hope for that to happen and we'd have to finish this life's cycle physically apart. Even while I thought about getting to her somehow again and again, eventually I let go.

So this waitress and I both had to accept along with all the rest of mankind that no obligation could keep us on a course against adapting to the immediate truth around us. All our thoughts are tied to them, because that is the function of thought; dealing with the unreasonable. Once nothing unreasonable can interfere with us, we no longer require mind. And together we found true peace for the last moment, those vanishing worries flickering out like a dying candle in a gentle breeze.

Then I woke up, made a coffee, smoked a cigarette (shouldn't advertise that, should I?) and wrote this! 8}

Love to you all and especially to you, Being!

Comment by Being on January 25, 2013 at 4:54pm

Yes, yes and yes this is just EXCELLENT*** It is Truth.  It is fine advise for all. No wonder we have missed you and your writings which I believe all should attend to.

Wake  up everybody to who and what you are and your capacities, abilities and where your worth may be hidden.

Love you Timur. keep blogging these Secrets of Truth to those who can recognize this gift.

Comment by Taron on January 25, 2013 at 8:22am

Certainly relevant to the word "spell", thanks Will!

In this case, though, I'm talking about the spells that were cast into us, blocking us from accepting our own experiences outside of those given conventions. When we stop a certain experience, for example, because "common sense" that had invaded our mind long ago already has us label the way we receive this experience as "fake".

Maybe I should give a concrete example, which happens to be what triggered the whole post:

At some point I had noticed that in the darkness at night I could have my eyes closed, yet, I could sense my hands, literally see a form of brightness emanating from or around them. Especially when I move them around. I began to focus on it as much as I could and I noticed that I could even make out my fingers individually, even if only ever so faintly. I began to struggle whether this is just my imagination and tried to fool myself, only to slightly wash out the experience, but not to eliminate its validity after all. I noticed that my actual thought of doubt really the convention; "if you only imagine it, it is not true". It took me a while to figure out that this only held me back. So eventually I decided to let go and accept it as my imagination- heck, what could possibly be so terrible about that- and I began to play with it. Only a few moments into it I noticed that I would more and more recognize my hand, isolate its shapes and became comfortable with seeing it, not with my two eyes, but with what ever other sense picks it up visually "pineal gland?". And then something marvelous happened. Space opened up behind them and I no longer felt the blackness as a wall, but as an open room around them with tremendous depth. I then noticed- or rather acknowledged- that the farther away I would hold my hands, the more they would simply go out of focus. What if everything else I could see was only too far away for me to recognize. What if I had only tuned myself to my own "astral" body?

What ever it was/is, only after I gave up conventional thinking I was able to start appreciating the experiences and recognizing aspects of it beyond my prior "self"-restrictions. Then I also noticed that those restrictions did not come from me. They were suggested to me by society. And that is part of the spell you're talking about, I'm sure. (Hmmm...I had to write all this to recognize more clearly what you were reacting to, haha, wow...)

So, yep, there are spells carried by nearly all 7billion or how ever many we are by now?! I sure hope we get our 100 monkeys together screaming the wake-up call! 8}

Comment by WillWillWill on January 25, 2013 at 6:57am

The above relates to this post. Essentially, thoughts have a life of their own. Words are vocalized thoughts, thus to spell a word is to cast a spell. Spells are instruments which bind. The words of law bind us, as do contracts and corporations(through monopoly through law).

Magic(my definition) is the act of entrancement of a mime of ideas/words/beliefs in a person or group of persons minds. The more people who believe in the spell, the more powerful it becomes. This can be done with good or bad intentions.  On a grand scale, we see blind nationalism and religious fanaticism as a result of this type of dark magic.

As history shows spells can be broken. The internet is the wild card at play now. It is showing the cards of all players hands.

Who is the hundredth monkey?

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