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A thought on the Ankh symbol

The loop above is the ongoing cycle of motion in the fluid space of infinity. The bar down is the slice which we perceive as existence and from which we contribute to the cycle. The bar across is the veil that keeps us from experiencing the cycle itself beyond our contribution.

Within this cycle all times exist like waves in water without resistance other than itself. In essence there is no time, since before and after are all present. We could neither understand nor function in this space without being restricted to the slice of our experience. Being exposed to it would unhinge the anchor we need in order to maintain some orientation.

The Ankh might just mean to help us find comfort in our situation and recognize the power and limitation of our existence- or rather perception and action. Whether we were to peek beyond the veil or reside confidently within our purpose, our actions begin and end on this slice of the ever revolving source of all.

Again, this is but a thought of mine, unrelated to any existing material about it. I kept trying to visualize the cosmic process of the singularity as it vibrates all into existence. For a while I thought about the moebius loop, one side being our experience, the other being its reflection, projected into fluid space where all interacts. We don't interact with each other simultaneously. We interact with each other by a delay as we interact with all things, even if we try to predict what might happen. What we really interact with are the ripples actions leave in fluid space, which in turn inform the singularity on its way back to form our space. But then I realized that there is no need for two loops, really. At least not when it comes to illustrating the effect of such a procedure. The Ankh seems to visualize the idea far more clearly, including the veil between us and the bewildering Everything.

Don't hold back to add what you know about the Ankh, what you think about it and all of it, of course. I understand that I could have ripped it far out of its intended meaning and might be missing far more profound aspects of it.

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