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                          "in the country of thresholds we move like vandals overturning birth dates"

                           - Ben Belitt

                           When the late poet was asked how John Savlove was doing in North Bennington

                            he replied, "Still dancing in his own mist"

     Is it a fog ... or is it a mist

     Submerging me in conversations I've missed

     Have you been kind or intangibly obscene

     To constipate and strand me in between?

     Is it a fog ... or is it a mist 

     This air is filled with vapors that you've pissed

     Stowing me safe or keeping me trapped

     Snowed until the day I've snapped?

    Is it a fog ... or is it a mist

    A halo round my head I can't resist

    The hostess, Dulcinea's friend

    Am I suspended in time or do I pretend?

    Is it a fog ... or is it a mist

    Watery psychic shards of cracked amethyst

    How much to do with the myths of Christ

    Or some second-hand karma marked down as priced?

    Is it a fog ... or is it a mist

    Vice precedent mills are overflowing with grist

    Celestial bodies know such precision

    Why then must you consider yours a prison?

    Is it a fog ... or is it a mist

    Can someone else please clear up the difference

    Am I too pure or too polluted

    Is this message better off unheard and undiluted?

    Is it a fog ... or is it a mist

    Am I in play or did I get scratched off the A-list

    A field of dreams for a stadium

    If I built it all alone will the people still come?

    Is it a fog ... or is it a mist

    Of a wind that can't be caught, or is it the gist

    Will you ever speak what must be revealed

    Or is the work to keep my body sealed?

                                                                                                                           {to le Calderone}

                                                                                                                                                J. Savlove  --  Ostara 2017


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