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From "Bushido, The Way of the Samurai", based on the "Hagakure" by Tsunetomo Yamamoto.
Thus that is written 'The samurais of this clan have completely forgotten to uphold this kind of cause. Instead, the value Buddahs belonging to other places. I, for my own part, am quite quite dissatisfied with this fact, since Confucius, Buddha, Kusunaki, and Shingen have never served our clan. It is needless to say that their teachings must inevitably fall short of the manners and customs of our own tradition."
What is the cause? Consider this before following idols that seek to take you away from the reality of your current existence. 

"An old, retired swordsman once said, 'There are levels in the course of mastery throughout your life. At the lowest level of skill and ability, one thinks of himself and others as poor. He thinks this because he has mastered only a little. Needless to say, a person at this level is not at all useful.'"
Before seeking enlightenment, you should consider what problems you are currently surrounded by.

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