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Prior to the New Moon's arrival on Friday, December the 7th. Remembering to rest up, to fast, naturally purge, and integrating a healthy diet can be beneficiary for our Body, Mind, and Magick. The energy we have collected and harnessed for our personal practices this weekend will be as good as the willpower and orientation we did put forth when drawing in such energy from the natural sources of this world or any other sources we are accustomed to drawing in from. A well-rested and healthy body, free of toxicants, permits us the ability to clearly utilize the Mind and unlock its powers. When the matter aspect of ourselves (Body) and Our Mind (Seat of the Soul) come together in harmony, the Magickal power, potentiality, effectiveness, and capabilities will reach a higher potential.

With this particular week in mind. What are some of your traditional ways of working with the Waning Crescent or "Old Moon"?. What are some of the traditional activities passed down to you by your ancestors?.

Share your thoughts,

May your workings be fruitful
Miccaletto Ehnub Yaida Gmicalz Vovina

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