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Deepening complexity and Spirit Walks

A mosquito is merely an aspect of an interlinking whole -could it be possible to see- one leaving varieties of oils in shallow water, affecting habit and composition by environment, could a resort spring up in a mosquito heavy population (with hundreds of pools filled mixed water, oils and fruit/vegetable essence, these are the feeding grounds) could mosquitos become living acupuncture, deepening the root of interconnection, deepening the complexity by allowing each, they fully express themselves deeper than before.


I loathe mosquitos as they are, with each death she reminds me however (on one death she spoke ‘this is what I am and do, so accept me or don’t) I don’t know how a mosquito might be used, this is simply a question, if a mosquito fed on inflammation reducing plant fluids, while feeding on things that might lightly penetrate skin -cultivating greater health- could the role of a mosquito shapeshift?


I have experienced similar things with beetles -as they become jaded and closed off- the hostile environment induces survival alone, survival by itself comes before deep interconnection, one must be beyond absolutely rudimentary survival (otherwise they cannot even have the time, placing patterns beyond the immediate need, this arose but also dies in cities) these beetles could be part of a vital forest, or kill the world they live in, simply struggling to survive -what enemies and evil!-.


Taking a walk through the trees, allowing one-self to become mildly dehydrated -over 2-3 hours as I have done it- one is aware of some points (sometimes in natural environment, sometimes in body or mind) as the directed focus fades through mental exploration, I tend to focus on the ground -not to dislocate a knee if I fall- returning suddenly to the environment and looking up -not so much with a guilty feeling anymore- I shift my gaze through the trees; the eyes focus having habituated on the ground shifts (the forest swims before my eyes, as slow shifting prevents the motion from settling, does dehydration play a role?) the shifting stream of sight plays a role.


Does this way of walking and perceiving, play a part in the old ideas of spirit walks, to what degree is the spirit walk rooted in the existential, as it extends through the soul and mind, to the essence again?


Breaking down one’s expectations, opening up to deeper patterns in the environment, when emanations of whatever kind arise, they may take on greater depth (crossing one spiders path ‘do you have any idea how long that took!?’ -shifting a web with a twig- “that might actually be better!) whether such emanations are self-made -from my own ability to recognize a situation- or whether they are recreations, from the emanation of another entity (in another sense they are one and the same, there is no other entity -to say this is false- that unity is on a different level) still the recognition is self-made.


Sanity in a pragmatic sense, is where one works to their own greater good (when complex in a simple manner, this means the greater good inherently) a hockey team making a trade, also determines the quality of the league (even in a monetary sense, the integrity of the good extends) the choice still roots in the individual (if the team became weaker the trade was unsound, the extension must have integrity, so much goodness is self-destructively hollow) since the individual is part of the whole, their weakness then weakens the whole.


A mosquito survives, does it have the ability to determine its patterned environment, if it is aware can it sense passionately, unless it is by mere chance, happening upon something unusually stimulating to its way of sensing.


Is this sense even in the liquid drunk, hearing the humming of mosquitos just outside the net, humming in simple melodies in return, this brings emanations of love more often (synchronistically odd behavior as well, but this could be quite subjective, lacking even journal notes) what would a mosquito enjoy.


One may also link with a person (I understand precious little, neither can I validate it by consistently repeating it) in terms of psy activity, the best I have done is 98% right in cards -black or red even this simple I cannot achieve 100%-  however on rare occasions I have practiced ‘sitting into anothers body’ that is to say imagining myself sitting down, merging into the other.


On one occasion, a co-worker was speaking on the phone, she was speaking on the phone in Russian -as I did this her voice shifted- I could hear the words in clear English (speaking of either curtain decorations, or possibly about a dress fabric, at the point this began to coalesce) suddenly I heard a voice -the higher voice as some refer to it- now you’re getting it’ she said without any physical indication, unconscious to each other and ourselves.


This is part of another exploration, attempting to understand the statement ‘love them as you love yourself (ponderously questioning if I love myself, which is unfortunately also asking, whether I have integrity in love for her) for I cannot bring myself to communicate, in what seems to be the natural way (further complicated by continual insults -of each individual around to others and myself- emanations are just a sense -not able to hear this- people have no idea what stew they are creating) the natural way is pathological lying, while emphasizing fault to promote ones being as better (it spawns a culture of distrust and apathy, those who are sensitive have generally been suicides or hermits -seen in countless deep thinkers- Nietzsche wasn’t crazy but gave up on the world) this is world is hell to me.


The only time I have been able to feel comfortable -in years- when speaking with others is in a visualization -or occasionally when drinking!- in which I imagine (it doesn’t matter what I say here, each aspect is only a part, any word is only going to further exacerbate.) on second thought, I won’t say anything further beyond this, though I leave this for a reason.


Beyond mosquitos, in other disturbing news, what if ticks have therapeutic uses, could they become symbiotic parts -that of a vital environment- rather than insidious parasites, are they simply surviving to increase the potential connection -that is to say growth and population boom- but why would they do this (that is to say, if a generally unconscious self is seeking, what?)?


I know I said I wouldn’t be back on, until the third act in this work was finished -however- I am not sure how long the carrier will last, so I want to put out as much as I can, judge it for whatever worth you may find.

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Comment by Loki on July 25, 2016 at 12:19am

Also consider, if various practices were dilutions of older understanding, based on learning by word -due to the effectiveness of actions- rather than learning by action, until reason became lost not only by failure to adhere, but also the destruction of the source material, then what practices hold deep roots?

Consider the idea, leeches take out the bad in the blood, is this true with an infected area, or with a venomous bite -particularly when the venom is a neurotoxin- could a healer carry some in their dwelling, for such emergencies?

What are the deep roots of ancient tradition, how can modern use of technology, not replace these forms, but deepen them far beyond the origin -if a truth had any root- the mustard seed can grow far beyond its origin, how much may ancient knowledge be extended?

First one must ask, what is known of ancient knowledge, what must be gleaned through error and common sense?

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