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Some words, take them as you will...

It's an emotion and it's an energy.
It can be the vehicle for achieving things and experiences.
It is also the rocket propellant that fuels action.

Just like any type energy, potential, framework, or tool.
There's good possibilities and bad possibilities.
Of course these outcomes are relative to the observer's perspective.

But the possibility of creation remains.
With this possibility we experience the world and our mistakes. And our achievements.

For anyone with desire, both sides are experiential, and necessary.
To some degree I think this is why the subconscious is usually portrayed in the feminine form.

Receptive energy. But also active energy in that it provides direction for the expression of desire and the possibility for active energy to exist in the first place.

You can't pull this apart. You can seek to experience each side to understand, but in the material world they work together to bring balance and creation.
Which is a reflection of everything else "above".

Desire is like everything else, there are "shades".
Extremities of abundance and scarcity.
But to remain and manifest either side, without conscious awareness, it's like painting with only one color palette.

Desire is the act. If you have it, then direct it.
Paint something cool or warm, or in between.
Contrast gives us relevance, through perspective.

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