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Its interesting that if you were to look this word up in an etymological dictionary/website, you see "desire" as both a noun and a verb.
Then there are other expressions of the word as adjectives.
"desirous", "desirable", etc.
The concept of "desire" is both a thing (noun), an action (verb), and a description (adjective).

This is very interesting, and honestly I did not realize this until I decided to sit down and write.

So perhaps we'll keep this observation in mind now as we move forward.

Basic concept. Desire. You want, you feel the urge to acquire.
I desire a cheeseburger (sorry about that btw).
I desire a voluptuous women to lay with.
I desire a fast car.

What's on the other side of these "desires"?
Experience. Interaction. And usually interactions with things, people, places that are atypical for the "desirer".

Now if I open up my mystical text book, I can certainly make the association that a need to experience, is also a need to experience. lol.

It consciousness trying to expand.
The very nature and purpose of its existence.

So what now, with this noun, verb, adjective... desire???

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