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Magic responds to belief. Disbelief drains magic. Magic harness force into care, held in place by belief. The place belief holds care in is Dox - the flux of all possible belief having a natural location assigned to every potential. In its natural position, belief is Dox. From there spreads an interdimensional influence on all elements according to kismet - every possible location of Dox. The flux of belief between belief and disbelief is the unsettled Dox - the paradox; where things are not yet established into a presence. Belief and disbelief in its balance is all about how powerful care is in its establishing power over what is present. Force is democratic. Love is the allowance of all power over our own lives, with pure and free magic, as it is the belief in all. It is the settling of kismet into the Dox of belief - where all paradoxes between us all as one are resolved by care.

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