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The Abyss of the Apocalypse


 I approached the edge long ago.  I dangled my feet over the edge. I saw a World around me that was full of deceit. I spoke to those around me, and ask if it was OK to dive head long into darkness, that I knew would turn to light.  Many, so austere in rigid confinement of thought, turned away giving no heed to my quest.  Their minds could not glimpse into the abyss, because to keep a grasp of their perfectly definable reality they had to look away from the light and proclaim it as darkness. They disbelieved their own sight and condemned my words.   Over time I came to understand that their minds had been possessed by religious and cultural mimes that had been imposed on human kind.  They were unable to see past their programming.


There were others who were the same as I.  They were fearful of ostracism and chose to stand on the edge and not take the plunge.   I stayed on the edge tempting them to take the plunge and some did just that.  I remained on the edge, for I was fearful. Then one day everything changed.  The abyss came to life and began to speak to me inside my mind.  It was calling me to seek knowledge, so I dove into the darkness.  Overtime what I had seen as darkness became the normal light of day.  I could see the reality of the world with all of its paradoxes.  Black was white and white was black.  Words had their meanings reversed.  Outside the abyss, humans believe that the word Apocalypse means  the end of the World, but inside the Abyss, Apocalypse has its’ original meaning of revelation of hidden knowledge or truth.


The abyss has been my home for many years.  I have found others here and  have grown stronger, and have made my way deeper and deeper to the light of  truth.  I can now see fragments of the Gnosis of the Apocalypse. They still call from above, asking me to return. Some in in concern and others in contempt.  They beckon me conform to their beliefs or else be a fool and drown.  I yell back to them that the light is even brighter.  So it is, that the insane condemn the sane as being insane.


Reason was my curse.  I saw the deceit and blamed the entire world for not exposing the truth..  Reeling through the abyss, I screamed out for a semblance of sanity that does not exist. 


Abstractions define our reality.  Without them we cannot reason.


An abstraction is "the act or process of separating the inherent qualities or properties of something from the actual physical object or concept to which they belong."  Words are abstractions which act like points on a map, guiding us through a reality based on thought.  Religious beliefs are abstractions attempting to define the higher reality.


Confined by a reality that I resist.  I exile my self


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Comment by Being on August 17, 2012 at 10:14pm

The depths  and the heights. The heights and the depths. All are needed to make and experience and  transcend into the Whole.

Comment by Ommi on August 17, 2012 at 9:40am

Live in the darkness but know the light.................OM

Comment by Daniel Won on August 17, 2012 at 6:31am

This is, in it's entirety I believe, all true gems of wisdom that resonate with me and that in my opinion can only be gained through some sort of experience.  For that, I am glad you are around to share and also have your head balanced after it all. 

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