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Do What Thou Willed Is Law - "There Is No Flaw Beyond Doing What Thou Wouldn't"

Part of freeing the individual involves him moving outside the elite effort to manage large populations.  If he is entangled in this op, it becomes far more difficult to liberate himself from "the game" of CONTROL.

The elite effort consists primarily of DISTRACTION, DISABLING, AND THREAT.

DISTRACTION includes setting up opposing propaganda campaigns in groups.  Group A is told, "Group B is against you."  Group B is told, "Group A is against you."  Through both simple and sophisticated messages, this double-headed campaign seeks to focus these groups on each other, rather than on the actual source of manipulation and control.  To top it all off, to put a glaze on the cake, the language of the population undergoes a managed revolution.  Politically correct phrases and words are inserted and insisted upon, creating a conditioned false sheen that coats speech.  This is the "solution" to the problem; the problem of inter-group conflict that has been covertly stimulated by the elite op in the first place.

DISABLING includes draining as much earned income as possible from individuals and channeling it into government through taxes.  A jungle of messages is concocted to sow confusion: "Taxes are too high." "Taxes are too low."  "Higher taxes are needed in order to 'meet the needs' of under-served groups."  In this last formulation, government is characterized as a kind of super all-embracing charity, and we are told that "government of, by, and for the people" means an ever-continuing rise in handouts, with no end in sight.  Discussing the consequences of gigantic ballooning government debt, as well as new taxes, is kept to a minimum by the compliant press.  The stark idea that people should be able to keep the bulk of what they earn---which is one of the foundation pillars of free enterprise---is also stifled by the press and by educational institutions.

THREAT includes unemployment, no jobs in sight, and impending loss of assets.  Myriad tactics are deployed to make these threats a reality---in which case, people are far more likely to accept government handouts with no questions asked.  Government becomes their main source of survival.  "You can argue principle, or you can take this check and deposit it.  Your choice."


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