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Every now and then we have these iconic dreams that stay with us for- most likely- the rest of our life. They become a memory. But what if some of them actually have been memories to begin with?

It must've been probably two decades ago that I had this dream. It was crystal clear, however clear a dream can become, and showed a scenery at a beach. Countless people had been there, playing in and around a fortress made of wood, a playground, no doubt. Families were enjoying life blissfully that day. When suddenly behind the horizon the sky was falling.  Clouds got sucked down into the receding ocean and the event began to race toward the shore. People at first did not understand what they were looking at, but instinctively got terrified and began running inland. I was up on a perch of some kind, a dune with grass on it and a few rocks down into the sand. It was mesmerizing to see this spectacle of the horizon swallowing the heavens, so to say. And I knew it was the end. In fact, they all knew. That bit of hope that left them running was like a plea, a prayer of haste, fear and disbelief.

To me it was no nightmare. I witnessed it with adrenaline, but knew I was looking at something that was not now. I only did not know whether it was in the future or in the past. In fact, I did not even consider the latter right up until now, I think. Was it not a prophecy, but a memory?

Yes, many things can fashion the nature of a dream. Our mind is processing data, sorting, defragmenting events that mattered in some way, discarding those, which may have not and projecting that which might be. Yes, the categories stimulate related fields of our existing memory, evoking sensations, images, even sounds. Yes, often we don't even know what we had received that day or what accumulated into a necessity to be somehow resolved inside of our mind. But sometimes, every now and then, nothing even remotely resembles the content of our days in the world of a dream.

I've had a few more dreams of apocalyptic nature, never the same, really, but always in great detail. Sometimes even with maps, illustrating uninhabitable zones. Especially in North America, which is funny, because I'm not an American (in this life, haha). This one, particularly, felt clearly like a glimpse into the future, though. Not the least because in my dream this map was presented in a news report that I "felt" during a walk to the home I grew up in in Germany. But, anyway... currently I'm more curious about ancestral memory and if it could flare up to reveal itself within a dream.

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Comment by Taron on August 29, 2012 at 3:18am

Thanks, Being, I'm happy to find another account here. I think it's such a rich topic to share.

I could imagine that even a dream's visit to another dimension still includes all possibilities. Especially once we realize what "another dimension" really entails. Consider that we- and all of existence- are compositions of all dimensions. While the physical world represents the result of all prior or "superior" dimensions, they are like an intricate folding of the very structure that forms the physical existence. As we sleep, we remove our mind from the physical body. In fact it is a mechanistic detachment that prevents us from harming ourselves, while our mind is set free to explore in these prior/superior folds of being. But I look at this not as something foreign or miraculous, like a kind of higher dimensional wonderland, so to say. Instead I see this as the raw potential of truth, missing a step or two into manifestation. On this fold, who knows what we might find. I'm beginning to sense what it might mean to be outside of time, not to know future from present or past, but to have it all available in form of the raw potential of it all. The trace we leave as a soul from where we came from to where we go, it might highlight aspects of this potential that have been of relevance to each of us in some way. I'd be very sad not to find plenty of crossovers, aspects we all witnessed from our own angle. Equally, all our thoughts, all our experiences, they linger in these upper layers of the Aether, yet, we have to familiarize ourselves with the path through the universal potential that we chose or made so as to find it again, as we retrieve what mattered to us.

I think, once we permit ourselves to accept the very different nature of any prior dimension, most dramatically spacial and time wise, we may also begin to appreciate the amazing order it comes to for the existence of our physical world. The lack of linearity in higher dimensions makes it all but impossible to learn. Only our experience with linear causes of events allows us to even sort through the limitless pieces of purely spiritual potential. At least that is what I'd imagine. Never forget that there's a reason for why we are where we are, what we are.

Comment by Being on August 28, 2012 at 9:41pm

I understand. I have had a number of these dreams. I really do feel they are not memory but a glimpse into another dimension which I have now visited and given reassurance, previous unknown  information and promises and one definite initiation.

Comment by Taron on August 26, 2012 at 3:53pm

Didn't Solomon say: "There's nothing NEW under the sun" ? I just remember it that way. But back then I did not read it for its kabbalistic merit and it was the OT, not the Torah. I'm looking forward to getting there in the Torah.

Other than that, I'm still having trouble with purpose that radiates from those observations. Somehow I can't shake my belief, that the whole physicality and our part in it serves a very specific purpose that has to be resolved. Rather, it resolves itself by the way in which we function or are supposed to function. I can't see us collectively representing solution, but that our collective existence and doing leads to a single solution. I'm ready to realize that this is wrong, but I have yet to get there.

The question would be, what did we inherit from prior root races, or how did their evolution/"involution?" affect our physical or even mental make-up?

What might explain/justify this chain of development?

Where is it meant to "end" in order to finally bring forth completion to the cycle?

What if there is no "desired" outcome, but simply the result of it all as how the infinite proceeds? Like, there's a method, a logic, a set of governing laws that evolve along the evolution it governs. At the end, what ever may be will be.

The shape of things never remains the same as everything constantly changes. (matter)

The things that take the shapes change a bit slower. (soul)

The fundamental principles never change.(spirit)

The infinite is naught.(all)

I don't know, yet, how far I can get in meditating over all this. I enjoy the tangible nature of my original speculation that really deals with continuing a divine structure, which requires assembly, roughly speaking. But the above thoughts really go into a different direction. I believe, this is a dangerous direction, because it may all the more require our actions to follow any divine insight that might suggest certain changes to society, for example. It kind of makes it more pressing. I'm a little bit worried now. Hehe.

Comment by Stone Livington on August 26, 2012 at 3:52pm

It is really interesting how some dreams can be so vivid...revealing our past, present and the future. For all of consciousness is one; no beginning and no end.

Comment by Taron on August 26, 2012 at 12:39pm

Oh, Blavatsky was feeding off of the Gnostic doctrines there, if I understand this correctly. It's kind of a cross over with eastern scripture.

Comment by Taron on August 26, 2012 at 11:57am

That's some wonderful openness to your intuition there, Julian. Thanks for sharing! Makes me wonder, if any of those dreams shed some light on the concept of root races?! Lately I've encountered the Gnostic revelations on those. It's a little bit, hmmm, let's say; bewildering to read about that stuff, but it's certainly quite curious.

Thanks again, Julian!

Comment by anki on August 26, 2012 at 7:55am

very interesting. yes i do believe many dreams are created out of energy prints left in the soul from past times or from ancestors and so on.

Comment by Taron on August 26, 2012 at 6:45am

Thanks, Ero! I should add a few more things I left out. To me these people had been somewhat decadent, somehow oblivious or ignorant in some way. It did not seem to hurt them at the time, but it bothered me a little bit. I felt powerless even before the sky fell. In some ways I was sorry, yet, embracing it, too. As though everybody, including myself, had deserved it. Yet, it felt severe.

Please, if you will, share some of your dreams. I think it would be powerful to find a collection of our grand dreams here. Anything monumental or massive. Maybe we could map out a past, idealistically speaking. Wouldn't that be something?!

Comment by Jolan ☯ on August 26, 2012 at 6:29am

Nice drawing also ;)

Comment by Jolan ☯ on August 26, 2012 at 6:25am

I think this is indeed ancestral memory surfacing. I have own now and then... 

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