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It seems to me that we have a tendency to champion our problems.
Now this may seem contridictory to some of my previous posts, but it's okay.
This is the other side.

Remember that scene in "Fight Club" were Tyler says somthing along the lines of "the furniture ends up owning you".
You get out what you put it. What you focus on, that of which you bring conscious awareness to.

This rule works on every level. If you focus on not having anything, then it's true.
If you ask for forgiveness for every percieved insurrection, prepare to have bloody knees.
Also if every wrinkle produces motivation for change, standby to be wrinkled and easily moved/triggered.

There is a difference between acceptance and submission. I believe that these are different steps of the process.
And both steps should be looked at from the perspective of who is walking them.
Not the other way around.

Acceptance of the feelings and thoughts that occurr from the experience of life.
Submission to that "higher self" that speaks when shit hits the fan.

We "know" what to do, but we hold onto what is familiar. The past...
We dress ourselves in the comforts of past problems and use them to justify current actions.

Thus we have, stagnation, mindless habits, and a sea of distractions.
You gotta look the part though, because everyone else is wearing the same clothes.
And you wanna fit it in, right?

The Individual Is Paramount
As Within So Without

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Comment by Chris Kelley on January 30, 2019 at 9:49pm

The cool thing is that if you can identify that which you dislike, or more importantly, what you don't want to become, you have direction. I think that has been the subconscious goal of mine in these posts. I need to see first before I take steps.

So hell yeah man, see now, and step forward.
Don't just "mind the gap", see the gap and step over.

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