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How does occasional drug and alcohol use affect your vibrational level? Are the affects temporary or are they damaging to your energy?

Both drugs ~ pharmaceutical/recreational ~ and alcohol expands the energy field very rapidly! Our aura is our protection so when we consume something that makes us high ~ our soul energy literally rises out of our body (we get high) and our aura will expand very rapidly trying to contain our energy, which oftentimes, creates a spider web like effect with holes and tears in our aura. Holes and tears in the aura allow negative energies to sneak in.

Our aura is our protection! Not all drugs (aspirin etc...) expand the energy field.....however, anything that makes you feel HIGH means that your energy is rising and your soul begins to bleed out of the energy field into other people's space ~ and this is NOT good. A few conscious alcoholic drinks ~ with food ~ will not create energy bleeding but more than a few will. It is all about balance and paying attention to your body and how you feel.

In addition, if you have ever had a hangover or felt the after side effects of drugs then you can feel your level of vibration! It feels terrible.....your vibration is very low. The hang over can be temporary, but if you expanded your energy to the point where you left your body then other energies can come in and make good use of your body! Have you ever watched someone go from happy go lucky to violent in a short period of time while they are under the influence? This is characteristic of energy invasion and this energy will most likely remain with this person until it is removed through some time of energy work or soul clearing. That is why alcohol is called Spirits......

Our aura is our protection! A chemical laden diet, drugs and alcohol, habitual negative thoughts/emotions/feelings, lack of exercise ALL lower the vibration of the energy field and attract lower vibrational energies to ourselves. ~Sabrina

How to Raise Your Vibration

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Comment by C. Free on November 20, 2013 at 10:59am

When I was seventeen I started smoking cannabis. I was morbidly obese, a meat eater, and angry and judgmental. I was unhappy. For years you could say I was a pot head, my life revolved around it. But gradually I became conscious of my health, my anger, and how poorly I had learned to relate to other people. Eventually when smoking cannabis I found myself powerfully drawn to the mystical, and eventually to the deeply esoteric. 

Now i'm not outta the woods yet, but I'm close to being healthy, happy, and anger free almost all the time. I smoke less cannabis now than I ever have. And as I increase in esoteric knowledge I find I need it less and less. The truth is though, the small portion of wisdom and skill I have gained in this life has been with the help of cannabis. She is a great Spirit to me. And still one of my favorite things to do is get high and study mystical texts.  

Comment by LIGHT_SHARER on November 18, 2013 at 4:15pm

I take an antidepressant and antianxiety med.  I was "depressed and anxious" since birth.  I've been taking them for about 30 years.  I do not get high.  If I miss a dose I can tell, because without looking at the clock, two hours after "due time" I feel depressed and get anxious.

Depression for me is totally different from feeling sad.  Today I feel very sad and am concerned about my loved ones.  I have a VERY small family...two sons, two grandsons a daughter-in-law and a "girlfriend-in-law" (the grandsons are with the married couple...I have two "stepchildren" through the girlfriend in law, but we aren't very close.

I rarely see my youngest son or grandsons.  I found out today they are they are "skipping" Thanksgiving.  Well, I can't drive because of vertigo, and he is behind in his alpaca fiber business; he needs the full 8+ hours to work; can't use 4 driving to get me, bring me there, etc.  Why am I telling you this?  Perhaps someone can send Light and "Light"en this sadness?

The point....I do not feel my aura is affected by the (needed?) meds.

Comment by Cheryl Morgan on April 4, 2012 at 3:24pm

Thanks for posting about this topic!

I think you are right that marijuana use is becoming more acceptable, but I disagree that it is a necessarily negative thing. From a physiological perspective, the dangers of smoking marijuana are essentially non-existent and there is no potential for physical addiction. There is, however small, the possibility of psychological addiction, but this depends heavily on the previous drug use and emotional state of the individual.

As far as the effects of marijuana and other drugs on one's aura, I would say that this, again, depends very heavily on the nature of the individual and their style of use. Drugs like heroin and cocaine are obviously highly addictive, therefore causing extreme mental, emotional, and physical distress. These things, more than the drug itself, negatively affect the aura. On the flip side, some hallucinogens like psychedelics (including psylocybin, LSD, and mescaline) have long been considered to have quite positive effects on one's spiritual vibrations. For reference, one can research indigenous "magic mushroom" use as well as the ritual use of peyote, especially among the Huichol of Mexico.

I say all this, of course, with great emphasis on the notion that it is truly the individual that determines the nature that their substance use will take on. In my own experience, I have found that there are equally cases of beneficial use and less beneficial or harmful misuse, but there has certainly never been a particular drug or aural marker that identified the use of an external substance as negative. After all, couldn't something as simple as smelling burning incense or tasting a ritual cake also be considered an external substance put into one's body to make them feel a particular way? Yet, since we assume that they are being used in a beneficial manner, I doubt that anyone would mark them as somehow harmful. It is likewise with drugs of any sort. It is the individual that defines the way their aura will be affected by the drug, not the other way around.



Comment by Ommi on March 31, 2012 at 2:38am

Im a very moderate smoker of weed these days although still enjoying a ''joint'' like someone enjoys a glass of wine.For me a little weed releases the clutch of the ego (albeit temporarily)and wine seems to enhance the ego effect.Usually after meditation the thought to have a smoke does not arise but after a certain amount of activity and the thought proccess is happening, is when i sometimes indulge, with usually positive feelings that release me from thoughts and externall stimulation that is filling a void.

When i travel i find myself even more externally stimulated and without weed i need to spend extra time in meditation to clear.

Whether or not i would be better off now physically or mentally if i had not indulged is irrelevant.Iam sure of one thing is that i will continue to think and do as i feel from my heart from moment to moment no matter what external opinion may be.

Thanks for an interesting post Sun.................OM

Comment by Sunmover on March 29, 2012 at 11:16pm

Welcome to being human Phillip.  I think the forays we make into the void that makes us understand the human condition is what teaches us about self-love or the lack thereof.

Comment by phillip on March 29, 2012 at 11:04pm

 I can speak from experience on this. I have been drug and alcohol free for nearly five years. You lose so much of yourself in that abyss. As your energy expands, you create a void deep inside and what fills that void is usually pain, negativity, self doubt, feelings of worthlessness, all the things that getting "high" cover up. COVER UP, not eliminate. I now fill that void with love, positivity and compassion. 

I have developed a huge pet peeve for people who are vocally negative. I cant be around that for long, one reason I joined this sight. We all seem to be pretty tolerant, That is what im about, tolerance and love for myself and others. I have to be tolerant of myself because despite my healthy lifestyle, I still think a little too much about sex and milkshakes. 

I lost so much of my spirit in those dark days and I dont "preach" about it, so this was good, healthy honesty. My past does not define me and I am not the man I was yesterday.

Feels good to be "awake". Thanks for the topic Sun.


Comment by Sunmover on March 29, 2012 at 4:34pm

I'm away for a few weeks Sobroquet so don't have the time,but when I'm back I'll share an experience I had when I found my self / consciousness inside an 'orb', completely impenetrable .  I would agree with that interpretation.

Comment by Sunmover on March 29, 2012 at 4:28pm

Because we are becoming more vocal about the benefits of hemp and marijuana there is a decidely abusive  pattern emerging with those who think that it is now so acceptable that they can and do indulge without thought to how it affects the subtle bodies.  The Native - First Peoples Nation - might for example use tobacco for 'medicine' sacred purposes, but that is a far cry from smoking cigarettes.

I had a friend once Sabrina - actually I've had more than one - who was an ex drug addict.  I learned from one in particular that there is a difference between a drug user and an drug abuser.  Fascinating conversations that we used to have as I never thought about drugs from a use/ abuse perspective.

An abuser uses ritualistic patterns in how he does  things have to be done a particular why, like how a joint is rolled or how coke is cut or how a needle is prepared etc.  He ended up after 20 odd years as an addict becoming a drug counselor.  But he traded one addiction for another as  he is addicted to taking anti-depressants. 

Comment by Sunmover on March 29, 2012 at 3:43pm


1. At the physical, emotional, atomic and quantum levels, a human being is an independent oscillating energy field. All oscillating energy fields, by virtue of the fact that they are oscillating, must have an epicentre or vortex of the rotation. The epicentre of the human energy field is called the Assemblage Point.

2. The location and entry angle of the Assemblage Point with respect to the physical body dictates the shape and distribution of the human energy field.

3. The shape and distribution of the human energy field are directly proportional to the biological energy and activity of the organs and glands in the physical body, and to the quality of the emotional energy.

4. The biological activity of the organs and glands determines the position of the Assemblage Point, and thus the shape and distribution of biological energy throughout the physical body.

5. The location and entry angle of the Assemblage Point has a direct influence over the biological activity of all of the organs and glands including the brain and these have a direct influence on the location of the Assemblage Point.

6. The location and entry angle of the Assemblage Point regulates how we feel and behave. Disease also dictates the Assemblage Point location and entry angle.

7. The way we feel and the manner in which we behave; our state of health or disease and our ability to recover is reflected in the location and entry angle of our Assemblage Point.

The idea that how we behave and how we feel might be beyond our rational control is largely unbelievable to most healthy people. Such people are extremely fortunate as they have a stable, near central Assemblage Point.

This idea is acceptable and can be easily comprehended by anyone us who has experienced any of the following:

1) Serious accident, bereavement, disease, fever, tragedy, chronic stress or depression.

2) Distressed or oppressed childhood, rape or sexual assault, violent intimidation, kidnapping, abduction, enslavement.

3) Self laceration, mutilation or poisoning, attempted suicide, substance and drug, indulgence, drug overdose, mental institution.

4) Mugging, robbery, burglary, fraud, identity theft.

5) Genocide, war, terrorism, homicide, torture, post military combat trauma, imprisonment.

6) Physical or psychological intimidation, interrogation, brainwashing.

7) Betrayal, financial or legal intimidation, blackmail, malicious divorce, bankruptcy, redundancy, home repossession, arrest, prosecution.

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