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The usual, and it always adds up. A little woozy but I still see it for what it is. Time will always tell, freal. No more doubt. Aligned with the very Earth and the water cools me like a low flying jet. It always depends, and he was a little to heated. Have to extinguish the flame. Snow heavy... Does that make sense? Self doubt only allows for you to continue to grow, as long as you continue to question. Forever ago made sense. The Beast of The Sea. Leveled and I just leveled up. At the top of the snow peak. A mistical Dragon at just below freezing. You see what I mean? They continue to put barricades up. Icicles, lol. They eventually get stuck together and that's the whole point, you feel me? The size of an Olympic size pool, feel me? Below freezing like I said, you'll see. 

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