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Comment by Quantum Lori on October 21, 2011 at 6:57pm


Westcoast Indigo's- We are meeting at the NE corner of the Art Gallery in Vancouver. We have 12x10 at post for us to comfortably rest. We have another larger set up but space now is limited! Still working it out. There is food and refreshments, some entertainment, and multiple sessions of consenses to teach people what democracy looks like, and how it works.

Providing Information on:

Healing Health Technologies Scaler Laser +

"Occupy by Farce" (media segment)  YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!

And Sgt. Lee Patterson has already agreed and shook hands on being the first cop in world history to be in our calendar!  A  proposed 33 day calendar, giving everyone a couple of extra days to think about they're future! lol

Move over firemen! He is 6' 9" and about oh 360 lbs? Did you know a cop would be kicked off the force for being in a calendar? Get ready peeps! lol  

Hon. Bro. Tom Nicholson a Canadian (Hon. Embassador Labour-US), has verbally by phone agreed to participate in media segment by phone with West Coast Indigo "rally response" via phone. We all at once will yell question to moderator on phone to him. We will be asking him if he would make himself available for any questions asked of West Coast Indigo in our response to the call for action  by the people here the Occupy Vancouver revolution.

We could use some Indigo energy there. Head's up to my peep's in the Canadian Film Industry, jump in here for possible up and coming segments! Could go national you never know! Move "IT" here. Media center? Live stream link?

On location we are also planning to show the art works of a project called "Angels in the Architecture". This project will create a small industry and is a job creation project, authentic paper mache' arts to inspire adults and kids into another recycling annitiative!  These are all projects that the West Coast Indigo have started long prior to this revolution. We planned. We wanted to be ready for the day the Indigo's and like minded rise! We have so much to offer humanity. Unity is the key.

TRADE onsite we will be promoting trade. We wish to trade sterling silver and gemstone jewelry (a donation) for advertising, office, ink ect. 

 We also have a few dog coats (donation), one being the only human hair mowhawk dog coat (syn) known in the world. lol. Some of our peeps have dropped by canned food, warm clothing, gloves ect. to our site! I couldn't believe it. We hadn't even officially set up yet. The 12x was lying on the ground. We forward all food, clothing ect to the organizers, as there is an onsite collection for everything. We just have a great location that our peeps can drive right up, we'll grab the boxes/ bags whatever and they can drive off. Then we forward it to the appropriate location.  We hope to post the Indigo Eye Logo to make it more identifiable among the others. Although with pride our 12x is most likely the biggest on the corner if not the block! lol

Plan B

We are also encouraging "OCCUPY BY EMAIL" as it = 13, 000 people (info leak) Like minded youth can now participate in democracy. It's like a vote. We here in Canada face cold winters even in Vancouver. So what's plan B?

I do believe this would have a global effect although some are already reporting problems emailing government or banks ect. Lotta spaming but nobody is spaming, that sort of thing too. lol We just have to ride the wave and do the best we can.

Indigo's have always identified multiple "better plans" and "ideas". We also know one day.................U fill in the dot's, K? As for the Indigo's in Vancouver, Surrey, '1' from Kamloops have already arrived and on rotation with us at the site.

Another promising endeavor is that a friend of mine who is a well known Haida Elder is going down with me to the site tonight. She won't be speaking publically, just checking it out and showing support fo

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