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If you become the hammer, then all you see are nails.

If I am to consider consciousness en mass, historically, the Renassiance was a tipping point. Art, religion, science, humanism appeared to co-alesce.
Then suddenly this erupts into the potential for new perspectives.

Make note here that its not conquest that drives human endeavor, its exploration.
Conquest comes later as a result of ego, en mass.

Back to the renaissance, Douglas Murray brings criticism to this period for good reason, given the current situation, is that that period "didn't go deep enough". Deep enough into the collective unconscious. It was tilted to right hemisphere of the collective mind.

The logical, rational.
Drowning in objectivity and categorization.
Driven by polarization.

This is the mindset we currently deal with, I believe.
This is then recognized, then monetized.
It's unbalance emotion preyed upon by those that do not have your best interests in mind.

With these previous systems of thought now eroding, which this effort or movement will only get worse (deepfakes, fake news, the emotion rearing up to challenge any type of logic), this movement has a lot of years of history to contend with.

In my own retaliation to this point in time or history, it seems to me that, the best course of action is to go with the flow.
Discard everything you think you know.
But not tune out or tune in.
Just tune.
There's plenty of stones from walls to throw the ball at now.

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