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Energy is the ability to do work. On a physical level energy is accumulated and refined through the digestive system, repertory system, nervous system and brain. A certain amount of energy is needed to live a quality life that will be consumed before we can begin to experience that energy on a higher level of being.

The psychic body is connected to the physical body but not as most people think the effect of the physical body. The body is the result of the physical body. The psychic body is the pattern or energy mould to which the physical body is shaped and formed. Everything happening in the body is the direct result of what is happening and changing in the psychic body. Mystics has claimed for a long time that illness is not just physical but the result of shifts or changes in the psychic body. Think of the psychic body as the intent projected by the soul onto the physical world. This is the reason why we say that the physical body has a counterpart organ for each that is available in the psychic body and why a person who has a limb amputated can still feel that limb even though it is no longer there.

The physical body is not the cause but the result of the psychic body. The physical body consumes energy to maintain itself and in the process depletes the energy from the psychic body. The food, air and impressions entering the physical body are transformed through the action of the psychic body on the physical body. Natural man lives from an awareness of the physical body while spiritual man lives from a perspective of the spirit moving into the physical body and acting on the physical body.

In order to have an out of body experience as a wilful act the mental energy of intent is needed. A wilful out of body experience that happens ad hoc and almost as a discovery is not wilful. A wilful out of the body experience happens when the person want to have the experience. Three aspects must be coordinated to enable an out of body experience. This means the psychic body must act on the physical body to sustain itself in order to temporarily detach the astral body while remaining conscious. Firstly there must be an establishment of a sense of security and love within the body which emanates from the thymus gland and the heart chakra. So the psychic body must first establish that sense of coherency and stability in being. Secondly a channel must me created for the astral body to leave the physical body through acting on the thyroid gland and throat chakra. This process enables the maintenance of the so called silver cord that keeps a link between the body and the astral body. Lastly the projection of the astral body itself is enabled through the pineal gland and third eye chakra. This is the process that enables us to make the out of body experience purposeful and to maintain a conscious memory of it.

In a nutshell the out of the body experience is a process of security, intent, projection with the three aspects of psychic energy working together on the physical body. This explains also why it is not always easy for people to astral travel wilfully. If any one of the three is not working in conjunction the possibility of a successful out of the body experience is limited. From an energy perspective the energy for an out of the body experience is accumulated in the thymus/heart chakra, released through the thyroid/throat chakra and then directed by the pineal/third eye chakra. I can reemphasise that it is not the body projecting but the psychic body operating on the physical body that makes it possible. Psychic energy comes from without and collaborate with the physical body through the specific chakra’s and glands. Also note that it is not the psychic body that is experienced during an out of body experience but the astral body. The psychic body maintains the conditions that enables the out of body experience and which determines how much of the experience can be maintained on a conscious level.

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Comment by Jurgens Pieterse on May 24, 2018 at 10:24am
Hi Chris, it is a new approach but I think one can decribe the process in the way you are suggesting. I have not much though about the implication of such an approach but on first though I think it might be a very innovative way to look at it. Thanks for the suggestion.

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