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"Stare into the abyss long enough and its stares back". 
The idea of the personal shadow has been lurking in the back of my mind for some time.
Recent events have put this concept in the forefront of my mind, and I have to write about it.
Not that I care about your interest of what I am going through (or do I).
But this seems to me the next step I must take.
I speak frequently on my observations of society, and this process has helped me.
Especially writing about these thoughts in a public forum.
But I feel that my motivation to do so really had nothing to with helping others which I thought was my initiation motivation.
At its core it was me looking for acceptance or better yet, approval that I was doing something right.
Now I feel as if I am preaching from the pulpit. So gather around brothers and sisters. Let us dive into the shadow.

This world of social media and the ability to say whatever you "think" whenever you feel like it, is frankly pissing me off. Words are spoken that have no authenticity. Regurgitated ideas, that at first listen, tasted sweet (you didn't have to do any work, you just landed on the flower and bathed in the pollen).
I have done the same. I have been swept into this flood of empty words.
When people publish posts that contain "biblical scripture" and aliens, I'm done.

Free speech and free thought is wonderful, but there's only so much free rubbish one can take.
These ideas are nothing more than distraction and diversion.
At the very core, separation. Separation from the inner world.
Now the literal is all, and the interpretation of these empty words becomes indisputable fact because the author can impregnate there own biased emotions into these statements. Logic is perverted.
Generations of children molded by preschool, grade school, high school, college with not a speck of space to develop their own thought. Parents, whether rich or poor, place the care of their own offspring into the care of regimented/robotic systems of government indoctrination. Truly no free thought. Be a good factory worker.
And we wonder why socialist ideas are so easily adopted by recent generations. 
You don't get your morning ration of sugar and lactose and the whole universe caves in to nihilism and worthlessness.
That's how you see it and it hurts you. You can't stand it, so in spite of the chaos of the misalignment of expectation and reality, you spread the mindset to others so you can feel comfortable with you empty concepts. 
Why is it that zombie movies have become so popular in the recent decades?
It feels so good to murder those zombies that are driven by the lust that satisfies their animalist drives.
Well yeah, you don't have to deal with those feelings. It's the zombie's problem. You are better than that, right? Shoot them in the head so the feeling never resurfaces.
Enjoy your gods, movie stars, pop stars, aliens, fairies, hobbits, superheroes...
And then die....

The Individual Is Paramount
As Within So Without

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