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I have come to the conclusion that I do not know.

Where do I start? There's demons and earthly "pleasures", then there's Angels and restriction. Submissiveness to both.

I look at both and find another wall. The pain of the human in this cell.
The madness of dichotomy packaged and delivered via "free will".

I seriously just contemplated giving up everything to live in a shack on a mountain.

Why do I ask???? It's in my nature to....
What's the answer then....

The result of the question.

There is no "one" answer. The answer changes as the question does.

Two ways to look at this, "there's no point in asking" or "asking is everything".

Does it matter? It does. While forces of order appear to stand against forces of chaos, both live in the mind of human.

As we build shrines and write law unto their behalf, the question still exists.

Question. Angels, demons, and anything else in between. Is this possible for them? Humans have the best/worst of both worlds.

Question and decision. What being has those capabilities?
Perhaps we should stop worshipping those things that have neither, and "pay" more attention to those who wield both.

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Comment by Aurea Luc on May 3, 2019 at 11:44am

I see a lot of duality in this Epitath ... many preconceived notions about right and wrong, good and evil, black and white.  Walking a path of knowledge, respect and responsibility does not mean catering to the whims of religions, political correctness or family/peer pressure.  Begin by freeing yourself from these thoughts.  There are only a few Universals laws.  The more personal responsibility and power you accumulate the fewer "lower" laws you are bond by. 

We do live in a free will universe, and our personal actions either create or release karmic debt.  You have the free will to create or destroy, it is all with in you.  Wielding power in both world (still indicating dualism) insinuates completion or mastery, few have attained this ... and those who proclaim it are fools.  The true master continues to learn and grow, nothing is stagnant, all is ever moving and changing. Those that rigidly defend their position will be thrown down, not by some God, devil or angel, but by their own stagnation.  The best of "both" world (they are the same) insinuate you are done, you have arrived, you have achieved ... that there is no more work to be done. 

Think of it as a video game, you (the higher I) are the player, not the avatar (the body) within the game (lifetime).  The avatar will go through many levels, collecting knowledge.  Some can only be used in the current level, some can only be used in future levels, but you cannot go back and collect what you missed in level 1 ... The level and games may change, but the avatar keeps playing, and the player sees all levels and all games in the Great Work, and nobody who is awake is resting on their laurels.  Within or without of this lifetime the game goes on ... you are working in this lifetime to develop the skills to navigate the dreaming, the bardos, the matrix, the back ground fields, for when you level up. 

Regarding "worshipping" ... when you have contacted your direct up line of divine knowledge from your IAM presence through your Holy Guardian Angel, through the central suns of the universe, you will know for yourself where to place your love, devotion and trust.  In the meantime, this is your journey so it would be wise to release the dualism and progandanda of others and focus on your own path.


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