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Two red dragonflies insist I go with them

Deep into the afternoon, never coming back again

This formal invitation reserved for those with wings

Is a complement I am humbled with

For you see I have no such things

Two red dragonflies encircle ever close

As if to take me with them 

And become a member of their host

In their wings they beat of intimacy 

When we're quiet and we're meek

It's only then we let others see

That same self of which we seek

Two red dragonflies darting to the right

One hovers at my eye, the other through the light

Then one soars to take the lead

They swim in empty space

In this same simple moment

I am swept into their grace

Two red dragonflies, how calmly they suspend

Teaching me to hover, calling me their friend

I tell them of my story

They know how love does cost

Of this my only glory

In the wings that I have lost

Two red dragonflies insist I go with them

Deep into the afternoon...

Never coming back again

One Small Token      From        A Friend Along The Path


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