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A light now extended reaching out from my eye
Can only reflect what's before more, no less, nor why

The shadows acknowledged...some things that are within 
Are superficial follies that come in waves beyond the din

So I wait and watch in earnest for the sign that let's me know
That the sun has truly risen and the moon will surely glow

While the stars tell me their stories revealing constellations as my  myth

They include you in our meeting and tell me of your gift

I'll remember in the telling, how the earth accepts the vine
And how a single dew drop, then turns itself to wine

And these things too will manifest in well within their time.
Where will four and twenty black birds nest, given natures help sublime?

Join me as we take to flight and know I am with thee

I'll always then remember you, as the bird that sings to me.

One Small Token   from         A Friend Along The Path

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