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One Small Token

Silence has given me these wings which to soar

Though my eyes are now closed I view a bright core

I still hold your image across my own heart

As I move the thin veil like the clouds when they part

To reveal light's extended itself right through me

And so I am then a reflection of thee

Since time has no meaning and space has no grace

My own soul now might see it's original face

When the flesh falls away, in the quiet...from the bone

The soul joins the spirit and knows it as home

It's then at the moment when all does dissolve

That the heart has returned to it's final resolve

And so in the beating as if in deep slumber

The soul soars to new heights leaving us under

These wings of a dream as if clipped from a sparrow

Will carry my heart as it's pierced by your arrow

My soul, sure to follow, in much the same way

As the night does embrace the following day


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Comment by belladonna took on November 4, 2015 at 6:30am

you have so much, thank you or sharing--

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