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There's a message in a bottle to a mermaid sent by me

It concerns an invitation to a soiree by the sea

I'll meet you near the tide pool where the starfish gather there

They'll all be so excited, they'll be pulling out their hair

See how eagerly the grunion start to run

Won't you take my hand and join us in the fun

Will you join us won't you join us

Oh, please, join us in the fun

When the music starts we gather up along the sandy coast

Then we raise our glasses high and sing this merry toast

Let us hearken to the lessons that we learned down by the sea

For fishes are familiar with marine biology 

 We hold each other by flipper or take them by their hand

We dance the Lobster Quadrille on both sea and land

For we are nature's pieces both in color and in form

We are then her portraits that she frames when we are born

If we entertain the notion, when at first we don't succeed

Just remember the wise ocean, and how many waves she leaves

If a sea- horse lets you ride him, you can take it as a sign

You'll remain as partners now forever, or till the end of time

Now we etch this very moment, to our memories don't you see?

They are facets of experience that we shared down by the sea

Inspiration is an out-breath of the self we testify 

It's now we turn a somersault, our excitement will imply

As the band begins to play a sea-side overture

Intermission as we know it seems long overdue

How wise he is the starfish said as far as oysters go

A mermaid kissed him on the head to let everybody know


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