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How constant does the spider weave

Her web up on my borders

Showing me the gifts she leaves:

Grey ghosts that hang in corners.

I know the time created she

Through Nature's inner passion

Is the same way she attended me

In showing me her fashions.

How well does the spider love

In these gifts she left to me

A lesson learned, I sweep above

Her secret of Constancy.

A quiet diligence she does keep

With earnest vigil by the way

It's when I sleep she works by night

And leaves her Art by day

And then again I think of her

As she must dream of me

And soon remember things that were...

Forgot...and then set free.

And as she works upon her web

With great effort on her part

Eventually she will weave her bed

Wound deep about my heart.

One Small Token                      Nemo

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