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One Small Token

As night's dark blanket envelopes me
I take comfort in her grand canopy

I sometimes wonder about her wheres and her whys
As she travels across the celestial sky

A light reflected like day time at noon
Is the silver mandala we know as the moon

And while a young fawn sleeps nearer the flower
A milky way spills over the sky every hour

From the quiet, a loon sings a song for the season
Its own 'nature keeps time with a rhyme and a reason'

Pray, let this sleep take my thoughts far away
And allow these few dreams to help shape the next day

As I go deeper and darker to places of wonder
Cradle my head and my heart while I slumber

Tangled with roots where secrets are kept
I find my own footsteps where my ancestors slept

If I should think of you while the moons' overhead
What more could I ask if my soul leaves the bed

And this will be done when we laugh...when we weep
When we say our good nights and our eyes close to sleep


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Comment by belladonna took on October 30, 2015 at 9:11pm

AbSoLUteLY WoNDerfUl!!

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